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  • I did it, I regret it, and going back to A9.

    Please do not update until lots of people share the success stories.

  • Accent color not working in developer options. Any idea what to do ?

  • They are not supported by Android 10 on this device. If you want to use accent colors I suggest to use themes.

  • AnovaAnova Level 1

    Hello, I got several problem (maybe) after updating to Android 10.

    1. Google chrome sometimes freezes, I have to go to home menu, and select chrome again.

    2. Camera hard to focus? (This happen after update to Android 10, its fine in Android 9).

    3. Sometimes whatsapp notification not displaying correctly. (This also happen after update to Android 10.)

    So far that's some of the problem Im experiencing.

    Anyone have the same issues?

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I had the issue with Chrome. Strange that Google's default browser is the most troublesome app.

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    After 3 days of update

    -Battery seems fine(still monitoring)

    -new navigation gesture is way way too annoying. I use other navigation now

    -phone does easy to get warm compare to A9. I suspect google is using GPS on background during the time i travel today(Still monitoring)

    -status bar will disappear once a while especially the clock(BUG)

    - Google Chrome freezes almost every time

    -notification menu- i long press WiFi button, it'll bring me to wifi settings and once a while,the notification auto appear though I didn't pull it down(BUG)

    - i play china MOBA game call King of Glory(王者荣耀)

    After certain resurrection,my joystick don't respond unless i tap it again(i wonder if it's a BUG or hardware issue)

    Still need more days to monitor this A10 and I'm less liking it now due to all those bugs and warming issue.

  • McZennMcZenn Level 1

    Can someone point me in the direction where I can find step by step on how to downgrade to stable Android 10 I've never flashed my phone or anything or rooted I've tried to root but never been successful so I kinda need a dummy guide on how to take back ups of my data and what not and then flash down to stable Android 10 cause I'm telling you battery with new 10 is whack and I'm having heating problems like I've never had before and I've been lagging everywhere some help would be much appreciated.

  • SekukSekuk Level 2

    Yeah..the heat is real in A10 compare to A9 and I still have problem with play store..updating big size apps or games will stuck somewhere when using mobile data..it will works few seconds when i use flight mode on/off..so the bigger the dl/update, the more flight mode is needed..play store is up to date..done clear cache and storage on playstore..thats not the solution..maybe this device is design just for making/received calls..thats never fail so far..

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    Wonder if @asus is doing anything about these bugs and inconveniences features

  • The beta program for the official testers has been extended to 1-2 more beta updates

    Testers are on beta 10 right now

    If all goes well it'll be pushed to the guys on android 10 stable too

    So yes Asus is indeed "doing something" about those bugs

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    Unlike comments here my phone in A10 is much cooler!? I played Asphalt 9 several hours on max settings in X-mode and the temperature never exceeded 42C. Before it was reaching 49C within couple of minutes. Those are numbers from real time monitor in Game Ginnie. Also during normal use the phone is just cool.

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    Perhaps background apps are the one who cause the heating on certain users phone...

  • I have problem with screen shot by holding down left button. After updated to android 10 it doesnt work. Have somebody solve problem ?

  • SekukSekuk Level 2

    I set short squeeze for flashlight. The issue is when i play game and use air triggers, the flashlight also turn on/off. Whoaaa

  • tobietobie Level 1
    edited March 2020

    I cant use my camera right now always force close

    and the gallery too

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    I still have trouble using external button to do screenshot since a9

  • I noticed that animation is not smooth as it was before on beta 8 or 9 , seems jittery all the time compared to other brands animation pls look into this, thanks

  • edited March 2020

    Would be great if we have cpu temp rather that device temp in real time info of game genie

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