Charging process keeps cutting out / stopping

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Hi all,

My Zenfone 6 (bought in February) has this weird problem where it stops charging after a little while. I'm worried I'm not going to be able to charge fully in the near future.

I installed the Ampere app (by Braintrapp) from the Play Store and it shows that the charge only trickles in, often not much faster than 220 mA. Seeing fast charge is a rarity. And after a while the charge rate seems to go down and down and down (50mA), until it just stops altogether.

Here's what DOESN'T appear to be the problem:

  • I doubt the problem is connector-related. I can't see anything wrong with it - the cable fits farily snugly inside the port, and the little connector inside the port is solid. Also, the phone usually recognises when the cable is plugged in by lighting up the LED.
  • I don't think it's charging block- or cable-related, becuase the problem persists across cables, chargers and electrical sockets.

Does anyone know of a fix, or even just the cause of the issue?

Thanks in advance!!


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