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  • Wow than you can play better with the help of ghost lol , kidding there is no such issue i faced . Its working fine with gaming with touch i use claw .the only issue is game randomly lag

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    The lag is related to network. I have an optical internet cable and 5GHz wireless in my home. My kids play PUBG and they are crazy about performance on Rog 2. They have Galaxies S8 and say those are laggy comparing to Rog. All on the same network.

  • Well there isn't much to go off of here what are your ghost touches doing? Are you pressing one of the air triggers by mistake? Do you have a screen protector on your device?

  • Have you restarted the phone recently? What firmware are you on? Have you always experienced this issue or has it just started recently?

    By ghost touch do you mean that the game is registering button presses you aren't making?

  • Do you have Glove Mode on under Settings - Advanced ?

    That could cause ghost touching I would assume.

  • Bro i knw what ia lag .. or rendering issues i m youtube streamer and i have used all flagship for that and iphone is best for pubg there is no doubt in my xr there is not even a single drop of frame ..

    And as far as my network connection goes i hve 100 mbps fiber line with 5ghzs giga router which give 20s ping in gaming .. there might be something wrong with software side of android

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    Hi , im facing the same problem on my rog phone first model also when im running around on pubg and looking with my right thumb on one particular spot if i levitate m,y right thumb and touch that spot again my view will changed for about 180 degrees and looking at the sky so please help me so i can play a came to relax myself ,,,I only play pubg before it was coun terstrike back in the days yes im talking about 20years ago i should sue asus to make me addicted again nah just joking i thank them instead for making it possible to play that awsome game on a high end phone ... so i purchased it in januari so it was ok before for more then half year it was ok .... I have recorded a video to show the guy from the service center they recorded it on their phone to show it to the technicians so i have been taking it in for repair the last month ....the first thing they did was replacing the screen ......second time i brought it back for repair for the same issue showed them the video again....this time they replaced my motherboard i have been told . 3rd time i went back to pick up the phone after 3-4 days that the repairworks took so i asked what they changed this time ?and they answered me nothing cause the technicians couldnt find anything so....i was furious cause why would i bring it in for a problem that i even have evidence on to repair it .....ow the second time the service guy asked me if it only happens on pubg i answered yes cause i only play pubg thats why i bought the phone for ....idiots....they are testing my patience i guess damn it .....the guy told me to play other game....i thought asus designed it for first persons shooters game like pubg am i right? clientfriendly nope zero points i will file a complaint for the very bad aftersale service that im experience at that service center (lai chi kok) im not pissed at asus at all but their employees in particular the 2 persons who i got to deal with when explaining my problem or issue to them .....

    so i got my phone back hoping its alright after the motherboard repair guess what after the many hours downloading the game and restoring back upping whatsapp the days i have to travel from home to that service center failed again during testing on pubg

    i brought it back in ,the same women at the service center got luck to deal with me I dropped the phone there and explained to her that it is not fixed yet so im back here not for fun lady she answered me that if the screen and motherboard is replaced already that they couldnt do anything she said .... i luckily found a way to record it in game with the developer options on (touch paths thats showing during the game that im testing and recording it thats my proof that its not been fixed yet ,,,,so now im waiting again for a message to pick up the phone ffs man im tired ....i also wanted to buy the rog phone 2 but if i have to deal with that kind of aftersale service no fucking way ,,,,,its not asus dont get me wrong the brand who i have a complaint to ...but the people who are giving me service at lai chi kok they are frustrating me and going on my limit to explode ....telling me to play other game or told me that it will be the same after they have repaired it ,,,,, my friends also using the same phone to play so tell me why they dont have this kind a problem....but screen burn yes and it will be repaired under warranty theres a way to prevent it just dont play at max brightness its the only sollution but after a while i think it doesnt get that sensitive anymore to the hotspots so you can set it back up .....weird but its such i nice screen with high specs thats the only downside to me the screenburn but now ghosttouch damn it .....until i get a perfect repaired phone back im not buying any asus products anymore. until my issue is fixed waiting patiently for my message to pick up my phone,,,i could just buy a phone 2 but considering the service no sorry i will not take that chance so fingers crossed



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    Ok. So we have more or less the same network setup but you are on a whole different level than my kids. You have much higher requirements and you need it to perform top level. Which obviously you don't get.

  • Can you please post this video here? How often does this ghost touch issue occur to you? Would anyone playing PUBG on your phone notice this or could it be how you move your fingers?

    I'm trying to find out if it's a software issue that only happens if you move/play in a certain way.

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    Im having a problem with this rog 2

    Im facing the problem that when Im using both air trigger to aim while moving to left or pressing the fire button while moving to left, it stop moving from the right to left..

    But when I rotate the phone it goes to aim or right air trigger while moving from left to right...

    Even I change the position of aiming or even the fire button the problem is still there.. the problem Im facing is rog 2 can't keep up multi touch.. This phone is way more expensive.. :(

  • I tried to replicate the behaviour by doing the same as in your video but on mine it works great.

    What happens if you test the multi touch test in this app

    Can you please make a video with touch point enabled?

  • ill try it usually occurs when the phone is a bit hot maybe 43-46c something. i think due to the hotness of thee screeen plus the addeed sensitivity of the glove mode it occurs. thee last time i experiencee this i lost on a critical moment of the game thus i'm not quite sure if i can repelicate it..

  • I have the same issue when my hands are sweaty rhe screen acts up or ghoust touching i never had this problem with other phones and i always had sweaty hands even on low tier phone playing pubg or a i phone 8 the phone is amazing rog 2 global version but the ghost touch problem is a big problem for a gaming phone

  • It happens every time i play pubg or last day rules of survival

  • I just wipe my screen often or monimize sliding gesture to not trigger it its anoying

  • Either my scree wont respond to my touch or the most anoying one is my analog moves on its own or multiple touch point like i have ten fingers

  • Watch my analog at 12 seconds this particular on game ive been very cautious to not trigger that ghost touching i ionimize sliding gesture on my screen it triggers it and sometimes gets stuck on where or close to where i last touch even if i lift my finger or counter act it and i wipe the scree every single time i never had this problem on other phones an i had sweaty hands before and this is just mild the severe one is when i cant stop my self for a few seconds moving around it really messes with my gaming cause im conscious of the ghost touching yeah i close the glove and tried open glove also sad i love the phone but this is a big problem for me cause i cant enjoy playing fully most of the time im concious about this issue of mine

  • It is due to ping....I to faced the same issue and recorded the issue but after seeing the video again I noticed that the ping is not stable due to that it is acting like ghost touch.

  • same problem here. I cant even use scope in PUBG. the screen goes crazy. not only that, its happening even outside the game, while scrolling google sometimes the screen goes crazy (exit app, reload page, open random app). very annoying

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