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Asus can you make the ultra wide lens not laggy? in low light it was soooo laggy, compared to my gf samsung midrange phone, they ultra wide lens sooo smooth even on low light condition, and compared with my lil sister low end oppo, the ultra wide lens is smoother than zenfone 6 although her oppo ultra wide lens got some noise



  • Even I experienced A huge motion blur at night from main and specially wide angle lens

  • yea I don't understand why the ultra wide lens so much laggy in this high end phone

  • Ok, so their preview is smoother. Check! This is probably because we use a different way of showing what you're going to end up with. The most important question is how much better the final image is from their wide angle lens/camera?

  • their final image is sharp, usable, but get some noise, while on zenfone 6 it was really too soft, blurry and unusable(because in preview so laggy even a very little shake from press digital shutter button), im talking about in low light condition ok? like indoor, night, etc

    in day light zenfone 6 ultra wide lens beat em to the ground and preview so smooth so we get sharp image. I just don't get it why in low light condition, zenfone 6 ultra wide lens got really blurry bad and unusable(both preview and final image).

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    It's hard for me to say without knowing which phone you're comparing with. But please compare them after you've used a timer shutter on both phones. Bold them as still as you possibly can to make sure you're not unknowingly shaking more with one of them when taking the picture

  • i compare it with mid range samsung a20 and low end oppo y12

    yeaa still the same sir using timer shutter button, because itss sooo laggy in zenfone 6 at low light condition, you don't understand? try take a pic in low light condition using ultra wide lens, and try shake a lil bit Zenfone 6 and see the preview, its soo laggy, so we supposed to use tripod while other brand mid range take a sharp pic using handheld?

    if you still don't understand the problem, make sure you get Zenfone 6 in your hand and try it by yourself, its so horrible using zenfone 6 in low light condition.

  • fyi, even still photo using tripod, the ultra wide lens final image is not sharp, like other brand sharpness using by our own hand

  • I don't have those phones to compare with. However, I did a quick test VS a more famous and expensive competitor. I can confirm that our preview is slower than on their phone but the final result was actually better with ours (using the wide angle camera). I took several photos with each phone and held them absolutely still. Zero movement.

    If we speed up the preview, then it will get darker too, meaning that it won't represent how light the final image will be. I'm not saying it's correct now but it would get even worse.

    The competitor has much less lag but the preview was also very dark so it was hard to see if the image was in focus or not

    It's a question about what you prioritize and in this case, I feel that our camera team made the right call.

  • okayy thanks for the reply

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