Phone crash Restart

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My phone recently started restarting itself, idk what's happening, the screen freezes for a sec and it goes "blank", next thing appears is the "start up". Please help me if you have any solutions. I've only used 40% of the memory. that's 203/512GB of the storage.


  • Has this only happened once, or more than that?

    If it happens infrequently, you can try to back up all of your data and perform a factory reset. Could be some software you recently installed or a firmware update borked something in your system.

    If it happens constantly, I would recommend contacting an ASUS service center for a repair.

  • There's no Asus service center in my region. It started happening more often now. Now there's one more issue with the phone. It shows there's a software update but when I open the tab it says device is already upto date.

    Also my phone is crashing today for the 3rd time now. Crashing when I'm trying to stream.

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