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As most of the guys here I have downloaded and installed the A10 upgrade from Asus website, using the link provided by admins here. I was hesitating at first, but after waiting in vain for couple of days for FOTA I decided to make the jump.

The major reason why I did it was the security patch which has not been released for A9 since October last year. As I got burned and hacked with Samsung 3 times, I felt very uncomfortable not receiving the patch for such a long time. So I decided to update manually the A10.

After the installation everything was messed up, from volume buttons crashing apps, non responsive icons, non responsive volume and power physical buttons, drop in frame rate, notifications not coming at all from most of the apps, screen flickering/jittering when opening an app, tab or window, system bugs, 4G issues etc. Basically my phone was all messed up. Reinstalling some apps didn't help. I didn't experience temperature increase, decreased battery life or similar like some users here.

Clearing all apps cache several times helped to some extent, resetting all apps as well, but not completely. Notifications were still missing etc. But I started to appreciate advantages of the system with apps that worked: more responsive apps, gestures that I finally can use, much better night mode in camera (although admins said that would not change but somehow it did) So I decided to go for a factory reset.

Now that it's done, I finally have everything right. The A10 is more responsive and "decisive" in action, my notifications now work as they should etc. It's a worthy and noticeable upgrade.

Bugs that are still left are:

flickering/jittering of the screen when opening something,

Google Chrome as I write this froze 4 times so far (swyping up to show all apps and selecting Chrome makes it work again). I will have to clear cache to check again.

Asphalt 9 was jittering and loosing frame rate until I cleared cache (the only app that I cleared cache so far). Now it's fine. I will have to play long this evening to check temperature and battery life.

System update still searches for new update indefinitely. That is until the app is killed. It will not report there are no new updates. I hope I will not have to install updates manually for the rest of the phone's life!

And that's it! I would say that factory reset after manual update is mandatory. That is not good as during the process there is always something lost. And it consumed a major part of this day to copy files to my Mac, reinstall everything, arrange icons, give permissions etc. The update should run smooth.

Also I strongly believe that security update should be provided for A9 as well! Normally I would stay on A9 for at least another 2-3 months until everything is polished up. This is what I do on my Mac's, as well as I did on iPhones while I was using them. Never rushed into the new system. Transition would be much more trouble free and much less time consuming. But having no security patch since October is very disturbing.


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    I would like to add that I can finally use AOD. Before it was illuminating my room in the night like a lamp. Now it works as it should.

    Also adaptive brightness management is much better, although the minimum brightness is still to high.

    The red tint issue is kind of reduced. At minimum brightness at 60 Hz is gone completely. Everything is grey as it should be. At 90 Hz a little bit less but still dominantly grey. At 12 Hz the screen becomes warmer (in colour temperature) and there is a reddish/arrange hue visible.

  • Thanks for your post.

    Actually I was looking for this, is there any improvements if we factory reset?

    And from your above post it's definitely worth it.

    Few things I wants to mention,

    1. Mobile gets up while normal browsing

    2. Battery drains Faster than A9.

    3. I don't see the screen flickering issue.

    4. System updater app doesn't search for indefinitely.

    5. Previously dialer app was showing the history incorrectly. Now it's fixed.

    6. I m using brave browser I am not facing any issues.

    7. We can't change the accent color in developer option but it can be changed by applying new themes.

    8. Yes there are few lags. It will definitely fixed in upcoming FOTA.

    9. And please Asus keep updating the security patches bimonthly. Thanks!

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    For me it was a massive improvement. Except for 2 bugs that I know off, I now have a fully functional and faster phone. But your phone doesn't sound so messed up like mine. I guess it's has peculiarities in each phone there is

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    I like Asus themes! There some really good ones. And they are all free of charge, unlike Samsung that is charging money for most of them.

    Also I like the fact there is only one global version of software available at Asus website.

    I bought last year Samsung S8 for my kid. Originally sealed, factory unlocked, with an invoice. Inserting the SIM of the local provider it would report that it was up to date! It would simply not update. The local provider was of no assistance because I didn't buy the phone from them. To update that phone was a nightmare! Samsung has 1 trillion versions of software. So compliments to Asus for simplifying things.

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    From all these bug,i think I'll pass this time of update. I'm still enjoying A9 battery life and 90hz very well.

  • Nice find. I'm planning to factory reset my phone when FOTA arrives. I guess those that do plan to update manually can try a factory reset first and then update to A10.

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    No, try to factory reset after updating to A10

    It has solved many of bugs

  • I don't know if I'm blessed because I installed the update manually and I had no bugs after. I feel my system faster, my battery usage is like it was in A9 (normally 48 hours).

    To be the other side of the coin, I'll list some things that were improved in A10 (IMHO):

    -UI in general (better icons and improvements here and there - padlock in lockscreen was one of them);

    -Bluetooth more stable (I have a smart fit - Samsung Galaxy Fit e. Everytime I rebooted my phone or put in airplane mode I had to enter Samsung Wearable and manually connect the fit, which no longer occurs in A10);

    -Opening and switchin apps is smoother and faster - again, IMHO;

    -Dark theme in system level - my eyes thanks this a lot!;

    -It's a kind of obvious but... Newer security patch...;

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    I agree to all of this. Just sorry that it didn't work at once.

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