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On the apple site is described how and with what users can clean and more important in this days how to disinfect the phone ...

Can you give us some advice which products can we use to disinfect our phone? Is 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe OK?

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    Isopropyl alcohol is more dangerous than alcohol and is not recommended for disinfection.

    It is recommended to cover the phone with "plastic wrap" and then spray with 75% alcohol to disinfect it. Remove the "plastic wrap" after leaving the risky environment and returning home. 

    You can also wipe the phone with a little 75% alcohol, but alcohol may damage the coating of the phone screen. 

    The role of alcohol: Alcohol can cause protein denaturation and degradation, leading to the death of viruses and bacteria. However, it should be noted that high-concentration alcohol (95%) can only coagulate the surface proteins of the germs, and cannot penetrate the germs smoothly, which may cause the germs to have some activity. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose 75% alcohol.

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    What about Lysol wipes?

  • just use wet tissue bro

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