AudioWizard bugs & no 4G+

zamri265zamri265 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Pls fix it. And why my internet dont have 4G+. At screen just show 4G only. whereas my area has a signal 4G+


  • I have this bugs after install Android 10

  • I never had issues on Android 9, but with 10 (since Beta 6) they obviously stuffed around with the baseband for WW, I can't get the 4G+ speeds i was previously... For some reason If i go to airplane mode, then out of airplane mode, for exactly 1 minute after enabling data again, I can have the fast 4G+ speeds (around 260mbps), but then it drops to below 100mbps after that 1 minute...

    So strange..... and annoying

  • You have display size set to small and audiowizard is currently not compatible with this

  • Yes, even I have same issue

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