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i notice that one layer mode doesn't organize your apps well. there is no sort method whatsoever and if you put an app on the app quick launch drawer at the bottom. it will not copy the app hence it will

get the icon from the desktop and copy it to the quick launch drawer at the bottom..

i suggest making a sort method for the next desktop page and because there is an ALL apps button icon(BLUE one) there is hide settings for all apps and having all apps on the all apps button so that it will be neat and clean..


  • @Anders_ASUS any thoughts about this?. my sister has a huawei p30 and it has a stock one layer mode launcher but it is pretty clean and not messy. Hope you could implement a sorting method for the one layer mode in the launcher.

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    my suggestion is that if devs could make it auto arrange alphabetically where folder comes first and then apps starting the second page up to the end. just like like in the two layer mode.. @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS don't you think?

  • Thanks for your suggestions

  • would appreciate it. that way it is more organized. coz if you move an icon then you have to move everything. so that there is no hole.

  • Hope in the next update devs will have a feature that is friendly for the one layer mode because after activating it icons are everywhere and not sorted out.

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