A10 - "Please swipe again to trigger" message in games

VolodesiVolodesi Level 3
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Every time I swipe to pop up my Navigation bar and change apps or go home. I get this message now.

I am not seeing this on my Pixel 2XL, which is on A10 as well.

Any idea what could be causing it?


  • It is by design for apps/games launched from the armoury crate from what I know.

  • I wasn't seeing this til I upgraded to A10. So I just figured it was a bug or new setting I missed.

  • That's odd did you just use gesture navigation? I am still on A9 and mine behaves that way well actually since I bought the phone.

  • Same Gesture Navigation I was using before I upgraded.

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