How to enable Stock Pixel Gesture Navigation?

shiv1gshiv1g Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Recently i got a chance to use a Google Pixel device running Android 10 for few days. After using it thoroughly, i honestly feel that the gesture navigation offered by Asus on 6Z is definitely less intuitive and imperfect. Moreover, gestures on OnePlus devices are also very great. 

Is there any way I could enable the stock Android 10 gestures on my 6Z? If yes, then please share the method.

Now I'm wondering why Asus hasn't enable the same in the first place. Asus should either stepup their gesture navigation offering or provide the user an option to select the stock Android 10 gestures option in the settings menu.

Do you have anything to say on this @Anders_ASUS ?

I'm sure you can help us. Thank you.


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