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I have been reading three threads regarding they are not receiving updates after motherboard replacement . Please let me know that are there anyone who is getting updates even after motherboard replacement or we will not get updates after motherboard replacement . Please reply those who have replaced their motherboard

And please mods reply if you know any of the people who replaced motherboard have received updates that's not a big issue?

@Anders_ASUS sir please reply


  • If you aren't receiving FOTA updates, you can always manually download and install the firmware from the support site.

    If you miss out on multiple FOTA updates, then you should contact your local Support to verify that your IMEI is still correct.

  • Local support in the sense? Service center?

  • You should be able to call or email them, and they can check remotely. A service center visit might be necessary.

  • But this is really wired sir . Why that happens when motherboard is replaced? Because of what sir ? I think even you saw few discussion where motherboard replacement causing people won't get updates . Please clear me 2 things

    1. Why does this happen after motherboard replacement? Why they won't get updates? Please clarify me .

    2 . Are there anyone with motherboard replacement and they are perfect with their updates? They get updates correctly without any manually updating?

  • 1) Most likely the IMEI number wasn't updated when the motherboard was swapped. The FOTA server is sending you updates, but its to your old IMEI number. That is my guess on what is happening.

    2) Not sure, but I would assume so. We haven't been flooded with complaints about not getting automatic updates, so I would assume this is a pretty uncommon issue.

    Get in touch with your local Support, they can help you much more than I can.

  • No no sir I'm not having this issue . I'm asking you because my device has gone for repair . If in case my issue was motherboard replacement then I'm asking you in advance for what to do .

  • Thanks for helping me .

  • I had my motherboard replaced. They gave back with Android pie. As soon as I started using I got the android 10 update and am getting regular updates via FOTA.

  • @mastervishikh when did you replaced it?

  • And from which place did you get it replaced?? City name?? @mastervishikh

  • Replaced in mid December.

    In Bangalore at Regeneresis India Pvt limited.

  • regeneresis ....u mean in jc road ?? unity building??

  • Yes, Unity building. You gave at same place?

  • Yes I gave at same place . Because of what issue did they replaced your motherboard,? Please tell me

  • Sometimes restarted on its own and would be stuck in a loop for sometimes, but would start after 3-4 tries. Then one day restarted like that and was not able to boot properly and got stuck in loop. And after some 10-15 tries finally turned off and didn't start or even didn't respond to plugging charger.

    Next day gave the phone to service centre. They returned in one week with Android 9. I got the android 10 update notification as soon as I connected to internet. Updated same day and am receiving regular updates and no restart problem.

  • You don't have any problem with the UI after updating to android 10 after motherboard replacement?

  • What Problems in UI? Any examples

  • Did you face any battery issues , UI laggy issue or phone getting slow ??

  • Not any issue which everyone is not facing already.

    Didn't get any UI lag or anything becoming slow except 2-3 times on chrome when it got stuck. But only the chrome app was stuck not the phone. I was able to go to Home screen and perform other tasks.

    Battery started working very well after .129 update but after .133 , it went back to not good. I won't say it's bad but it is not as good as when it was android 9.

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