When can we expect Android 10 stable release for ROG2 ?



  • They found one bug that had to be fixed right before the scheduled release. This is why I never mention dates. As soon as we've fixed this bug, Android 10 will be released to ROG Phone II

  • ROG Phone 2 Android 10 is in its 8th Beta. Mostly stable but still some issues to be ironed out it seems. Otherwise could be really soon.

  • Can we expect the final release in a month??

  • Beta 10? That's a lot of betas. This is going to cost the next ROG phone. In my opinion, the inability to release an update to the latest OS quickly will be a major factor when considering the ROG phone. ASUS is still struggling to upgrade the ROG 2 to Android 10, and Google is already working on Android 11. Will there be any plans of upgrading ROG phone 2 to Android 11 when a stable release is out? How long will that be? This will be a major factor when considering the next ROG phone from a customer's perspective.

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    1. Almost everyone on different devices are facing it

    Pubg is fcked up on android after the latest update it's even more stuttery

    2. Red tint is a hardware thing and software can't solve it (they can only hide it by using pure dark UI elements like they did in A10)

    All high Hz phones have some sort of tint so there's no workaround it

  • Pubg is ruined after the new update. Uninstall and reinstall the app, that solves the issue to some extent.

    I am confused as to why red tint is only visible in shades of grey, if it is a hardware issue don't you think it should affect all colors like Samsung's S8 faced yellow tint problem in all colors. I checked my friend's Oneplus 7 Pro, but he doesn't have any tint issue at 90Hz low brightness.

    The worst thing is Asus is not commenting on this issue.

    Thanks for confirming the issue, I thought only my unit had the issue.

  • Asus prove they are worst in all cases. On the verge of A11 release they finally release A10 but with many issues. No wifi calling even with A10 update. Oneplus is best in all terms. Asus dont provide quality handset, no support and no updates#boycottasus

  • I won't bother arguing with you pal

    You buy a gaming phone and expect update schedule to be on par with mainstream flagships ?

  • @Anders_ASUS I just want to bring you to light to a couple of issues which I am facing and need your opinion on it.

    1. Game freezes after 10-15 mins of gaming.

    2. Phone Auto restarts whenever it wants to.

    3. Phone switches off while charging.

    For these problems I tried factory reset, rolled back my update to Android 9, and every step in the troubleshooting guide. Still no luck of fixing these problems.

    I was having fun with this phone before the update came. I have even mailed these problems to Asus customer care and waiting for their reply.

    Please guide me what to do !!!

  • We paid almost 40K ( I bought the 12/512 GB variant) for a flagship not some experimental toy. Your team should have tested A10 for a little longer and only then should have released it for the public. This "I won't bother arguing with you" behaviour won't do your company any good. We were expecting a stable release but instead we got a half-baked bug ridden update. Either release a bugifx update or give us our money back.

  • Even my almost 2 year old OnePlus 6 lasts longer. 6000 mAh batter....what a joke lmao.

  • First of all the 12/512 gb variant is 60k

    I don't work for Asus bruh, I'm just a regular user like you

    Well as far as working on bugfixes is concerned the beta program has been extended (beta 11 is a fairly stable build) if all goes well it'll be given as an ota to those on stable build.

    + I say again that it's an gaming phone and it has it's own complexities

  • Oneplus 6 can't possibly last that long with that sot

    Secondly it has a 60hz screen

    + You have many stuff open in bg (I can see nfc symbol in status bar) disable it if when you don't use it .

    Android 10 stable release doesn't have very good battery optimisation I agree on that point

    Just wait for a future fota to work on that part

  • We need to check the reality and collect data before commenting on anything. Is ROG2 only the gaming mobile in Indian market? what about other gaming mobiles and updates they receive on time. Lets leave ROG2, know the status of Asus 6z and their update status? Just this week they got some security update and wifi calling update. Its all about support Asus provide. Asus least bother about updates and customer satisfaction. Again I am saying from history, there are many who vanished from market with this kind of approach.

  • I know how u feel bro even I had this same experience about Asus software and it lacking many things but I am so tired of asking them to fix common issues that I let it go cuz they won't change even if there is 💯 of problems .

    Pls don't compare one plus oxygen os to these phones cuz for the value Oxygen os has can only be compared to IOS .

    Some may think I am a fanboy . Yes I am cuz compared to this phones software Oxygen os is 10 times better.

    When I see phone getting heated for normal use and gittery animations I regreat for not buying op7t pro cuz that time I had thought gaming phones perform much better for games but in reality it's the same or sometimes even worst due to software. That time if I had known that gaming phones get this worst and late updates I wouldn't even laid my eyes on this phone.

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    Yeah what "gaming phones" are we talking about eh?

    India had 3 gaming phones in 2019

    Rog phone 2,Nubia red magic 3,Xiaomi blackshark 2

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the latter two are still stuck on android pie(with outdated security patches) and have no development whatsoever

    Meanwhile Rog 2 got Lineage os 17.1,Omni rom is coming soon + there are ample of working gcam mods



    And Rog 2> both of those phones in all aspects (hardware, software, accesories, Armory crate)

    You mentioned the Zenfone 6 (it's on March patch and has vowifi)now lemme put some sources:

    Regarding development:

    ASUS ZenFone 6 Developments: Custom ROMs, Kernels, Mods, and more (by Tushar Mehta) https://ift.tt/2Xka8cb

    Update cycle:

    They even outdid oneplus this year

    Zenfones get faster updates because they are "normal phones" without the tons of gaming additions the Rog has

    If you bought Rog just so that you can get fast updates/security patches, sorry to break it to you this is the wrong phone for you

    Rog has its own ecosystem and they need to double check every feature and hardware compatibility with every update and Asus has been "really trying" with Rog this year(hence the extended beta updates)

    Btw Rog got vowifi support for Jio in beta 11 so just wait for it on stable version.

    Hopefully won't be long now :D

  • Oxygen os is overrated

    I personally don't like it

    +It has bloat now

    Some Red cable bullshit

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    You told about Lineage os 17.1 for rog, but after installation of that, we will loose armory crate and gaming hardcore, don't we???

  • Yes no Armory crate,no airtriggers,no vibrations too as far as I know

    So you have to set your priorities

    If you want all that stock is your best bet

    Micky (Omni ROM dev) will try porting all that but let's see if he succeeds

    If he does so it'll make way into all of the custom roms for Rog 2

    Havoc unofficial is now available btw for Rog 2

  • Still no improvements or bugs any major bugs removed. Still lags and battery drains.

    For all I care, I don't want any update but I would like my phone to run without any issues and introduce new features if any.

    I too don't like Oxygen OS but I like it's optimization. Op 7t runs longer in game and on day to day usage, what's the purpose of having extra 2000 mah and 50 grams.

    And if you know the widespread red tint issue isn't a widespread issue on OnePlus phones.

    So if you are happy with your phone, good for you but please don't defend Asus. There are problems due to which all of us are aggravated, if there weren't any there would be general discussions like Op and Samsung forums have.

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