Bottom charging port is dead

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The bottom USB port on my ROG phone 2 no longer recognizes that there is a charging cable plugged into it. If I plug it in and reboot the phone it will recognize there's something there but will only charge in slow charge mode. If I unplug it and replug it again it will not recognize it being there and will not charge at all. The side port totally works fine and Hyper charges as it should. What's up? I have two identical chargers and cables, both ASUS OEM that came with the phone and both present this problem.


  • That sounds like a hardware issue, if both cables work fine with the side port. Please contact your local ASUS service center for a warranty repair.

  • Could you help me find one? I live In Portland Oregon. Thx.

  • If you're located in the US, that complicates things. We have a shortage of repair parts due to the Coronavirus. I don't recommend an RMA at this time, because your unit could be sitting at the repair center for much longer than the 7-10 day turnaround time. Think 4 weeks.

    In the meantime, I'd recommend backing up all of your data and factory resetting the phone. (I should have suggested this earlier) If the phone was behaving correctly before, it could be a firmware problem.

    If that doesn't restore it to normal charging, then I would still suggest waiting until our repair centers have their turnaround time down again. For a phone especially, you want to keep the downtime as low as possible.

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    Sorry...miss read and posted wrong reply

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    I have the exact similar problem the Bottom Charging port stopped functioning , I get a error message that the temperature at the Bottom charging port is too high . Side Charging port works , however the warning message still appears . More details can be checked by clicking on my profile name.

    This is apparently a known issue with Rog phone 2 , however Asus is adamant in accepting it !



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