Updates needed in 5Z before support and updates ends

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Updates that are needed and Some bugs/functions still not working are mentioned below:

1st is that bar line at bottom for navigation, and sometimes navigation don't works properly. please do something to that. Make that transparent if any other option not available.

2. max pro m1 also support accent colour which this flagship Phone doesn't. If mid range phone can then flagship phone can also support

3. Call delay is one of the main thing which is still there.

4. Keyboard sometimes don't open due to that bar line present, so we have to press on the coloumn in the apps (which have option at the bottom to type like whatsapp, telegram, hike) two or three times to open keyboard, again if that bar line is removed the problem can be solved.

5. And sometimes there are vertical lines in the camera both front and rear. Please improve camera also. I remember this phone is featured mainly for it's camera, called flagship camera experience.

Request to Mods please tell these things to Asus Developer Team, before support and updates end for this flagship phone we have a pure flagship experience at the end. Many expectations from Asus like always. And hope to get all problems resolved. Only then we can think of buying asus again and again.


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