Zenfone 6 home button Lag

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Can anyone please tell me what is the solution of this bug in Android 10 ? Also will Asus release an OTA update to fix this problem as I saw many users are facing this issue ?


  • Depends on which home button you're using. If you use the old navigation, then the lag is most often because you have one handed mode enabled.

    If you use the new Android 10 gesture, then please record it with screen recorder and post it here

  • Thank you. I disabled one handed mode and now it's working without any delay. And yes I was talking about old navigation buttons.

    Also my zenfone 6 is heating up so much in taking photos in continuous succession and battery drain is also evident with camera usage. Within 2 minutes of taking photos it gets warm near right side of screen. Is this happening with everyone, or its just limited to my mobile ? If you have any solution to it, then please let me know.

  • Please elaborate "continuous succession" are you holding the burst button over and over again or are you just taking one phone here and there?

  • Nope I'm not talking about burst mode. It heats up when I take one photo after other consecutively. Lets say if I take10 to 12 photos in succession, the screen as well as back right side is getting hot. I use other mobile which has weak processor but it doesn't heat even though I take 30 photos in same manner. Also battery drains so fast while using the camera, now this is not expected by a Snapdragon 855 Device. I know every phone heats up in camera usage but this mobile is getting too hot even with normal camera use. Asus should do something about this.

  • ok, no, that doesn't sound normal at all. In a perfect world, you own a laser thermometer so you could show me in a video how the temperature increases with every picture but I guess we will have to make due with a log. I will send you a PM with all the instructions.

  • Extremely Sorry for late reply. I took the log diagnosis video but it was too big to share here directly. Other method via Google drive I don't know, also my exams are going on so didn't waste my time on it.

    The best thing I did today is that I compared zenfone 6 with my friends Redmi K20 Pro which has the same 855 chip. I took photos in same fashion in rapid succession one after other, on both mobiles I took around 30 photos in that way, I had installed CPU Z before the test so as to monitor CPU and battery temperatures of both. After taking photos in that way both felt warm but in comparison asus was feeling a little more warm. So I check CPU Z app to know internal temperature of both, shockingly Redmi was 0.5 degree hotter than Asus. So my mobile is not having any problem, it's the Snapdragon 855 Image signal processor which is the worst in mobile industry. But one thing I did notice is that battery did drained more in Asus in comparison. So Asus should provide a fix for this matter.

    I'm really disappointed in 855, what's the use of that power if it heats up like crazy worst than a midrange processor. I also use Honor v20 which has Kirin 980, it doesn't even feel warm in taking 30 photos. Though 980 is a little bit less powerful but it's way more efficient than 855. Also thanks for your quick response over my queries.

    Also Asus has given a very good display in Zenfone 6, I compared it with K20 Pro display and found its way more pleasing to my eyes. And I love using my Zenfone but still concerned about the battery health due to heating in 855.

  • Despite having a bigger battery than one plus 7 and k20 pro,it doesnt seem like zenfone 6 more SOT .I personally cant comment on it but I've seen many battery drain test and zenfone 6 timesout close to others

    So is ihe bigger battery worth it over faster charging speed??

    May be it's because of lcd.panel that we are getting far less sot than we should but thats a point of discussion

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    You must be living in a very warm country if you think both phones become hot after 30 pictures. I can barely notice my phone heating up after 30 photos but I also only have 23 celcius when doing my testing. And how much power are you really losing during the time it takes you to capture 30 photos? I lost 2% when capturing 80 photos and that made the phone warm, not hot. To me, hot means uncomfortable (to the touch). Which is about 45 celcius. I would call above 50 celsius as very hot

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