[Bug Report] Low Memory Killer/RAM Management issue in .119 update

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My phone has been facing debilitating RAM management issues after the latest Android 10 update (QP1A.190711.005 17.1810.2001.119-0). Inspecting the logs seem to indicate that it is primarily a RAM management issue. I have not ascertained the circumstances that trigger this behaviour but have been able to confirm the following given my own testing:

  1. Once a certain amount of time passes after a system reboot, usually ranging from 18-24 hours, a memory leak presumably develops in a system component.
  2. This increases the OS' memory pressure significantly.
  3. The increased memory pressure causes the Android OS' low-memory-killer-daemon to kill background processes and services.
  4. After the first batch of memory pressure events, the LMK daemon starts to kill background system processes very aggressively.
  5. This causes dependent processes to crash, triggering the OS to re-launch/re-init these processes.
  6. The re-init consequently increases memory pressure again and the LMK daemon attempts to kill even more processes, even those that were just initialized. A lot of signal 9 events occur during this period.
  7. This cycle of allocation-deallocation adversely affects the system responsiveness. UI interactions lag by several seconds, all app activities end up getting evicted from memory (if they don't get killed outright) leading to constant redraws, battery consumption increases noticeably.
  8. Eventually, the phone becomes so unresponsive that unlocking it takes several seconds before the launcher is shown.
  9. Throughout this process, the system memory viewer (in Settings > System >Developer Settings) shows that of teh 5.8GB of available RAM, 1.6GB is free. The average RAM use (over a period of 3, 6 and 24 hours) shows up as ~70% (on my phone).
  10. Finally, the phone has to be restarted. And then the entire cycle repeats itself.

The provided logs should corroborate my thesis. I have been able to reproduce this on the following:

  1. An updated phone (updated from .110 to .119).
  2. A phone that was factory-reset after the .110 update.

The installed apps have no discernible effect on this behaviour - It occurs even after a fresh factory-reset with no new apps installed. If you need more information, please let me know. The phone is unusable in its current state.



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