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  • I thought it was fixed. Maybe 121 broke it for me again?

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    Further feedback. I've tested again several more times both incoming and outgoing calls. I oddly had one other call where the audio was coming out of both speakers and wouldn't fix with toggling of speakerphone. Never had that before but I've since rebooted and tested both incoming and outgoing calls then rebooted again and tested then rebooted once more and tested and had no problem at all. Not sure why the few were a problem but seems to still be fixed for me except for those few.

  • Maybe a few reboots were necessary for things to settle.

  • Got another call today and audio came through bottom speaker. Guess it's random for me.

  • I wonder what version of FOTA is referred to here, seeing as .121 is not the solution??

  • Having the same issue calls randomly reverting to speakerm. With default dialer and Hangouts for me.

  • Can confirm .121 did not fix. I think as of last update, actually turning on the speaker makes it so the other end can hear you properly when it defaults to speaker.

  • Anyone else having the issue still? It is so random that I could have a normal phone call with someone then 5 minutes later I'll talk to someone and the sound is coming out out the speaker and not the ear piece. So I tell the person I'll call them back clear my cache and storage for the phone app and call them and it doesn't work. I do it a second time and it might work. It seems to be more aggressive recently.

    Hoping for a solution soon...

  • According to Asus rep on this thread, the next FOTA should fix it. whatever comes after .121, date for that is unknown

  • Hey there. Even I started getting this issue just after the latest update .133. It wasn't there before. I'm using the Indian variant of the Zenfone 6(6Z).

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