Need gyro scope optimisation for PubG

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edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Check this stats guys .

My kd is getting ruined by gyroscope not fully optimised for pubG in Rog 2 mobile .

In season 10 i had 8.36 kd with my one plus 6t mobile even though it had some lags. Then i brought Asus rog 2 as it was optimised for gaming . I am practicing day and night to perfect the gyro on rog 2 as it's slightly slower than my one plus 6t gyro but the problem is not that it's slow the aim literally shakes a small bit when spraying on enemy's .BCUZ of this many bullets miss at far combat. I don't have any problem at close combat . This is what it's happening to most of Rog 2 users who mastered gyro.

Guys PLSS it's ruining my COMPETATIVE matches cuz we take most far combat in COMPETATIVE matches.

LP_ASUS pls pls pls do something about this i am really getting frustrated BCUZ of this .

I am beginning to hate the game cuz of this .

I hope u can understand my feelings :(


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