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I Buyed few Days before rog 2 in flipkart... But iam faceing a big issue...

When phone is in low brightness screen is soo redish color....

I don't know what to do...

Iam soo nerves... And when i unlock finger print screen ful flash and unlocking... 

Please help me its reddish colour


  • It's display tint pal (Rog has red tint)

    You should've researched well before buying if that tint makes you that uncomfortable

    All higher Hz phones have it

    Whether it be Rog 2, Oneplus 7t/pro, Pixel 4 or realme X2 pro ( most of them have green tint)

    It's just an amoled thing pal, it's the nature of the panel itself.

    Grey uniformity,tint,burn in are all the disadvantages of an amoled (cos they're organic in nature)

    The severity of the tint depends on your model ( no phone In the same batch will same levels of tint)

    So yes it's basically an "amoled lottery"

    Plus the tint is only noticeable in low brightness levels (in certain UI elements right?)

    Does it hamper you viewing experience a lot?

  • Every phones with more than 60 hz displays have that .

    Not only ROG 2 but one plus 7t ,pixel4 ...have this but they have green tint issue .

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    Another thing I would like to add, if you tilt your ROG Phone 2 at a certain angle, you will notice a slight rainbow effect around the inner border of the screen and many have said that it is the cause of cheap screen protectors but this is not the case and some have said that it is a AMOLED thing or Gorilla Glass thing but I am not sure just something to note.

    It is not going to really bother you but you will just see it at a certain angle when light shines on the screen and you won't see it under normal angles.

  • In low brightness i feel soo disgusting... Iam using auto brightness using so sometimes its low brightness... Is this screen issue?? Shall i replace this?? Is it effect more in future??? Please help me... I Buyed just 4,5day... Iam soo tensed... 38K and display is like this!!!

  • You need to take a photo using another phone and not a screenshot...

    1st question: Do you have any grey uniformity issues along with this red tint ?

    If you have grey uniformity issue along with this, then I suggest you might want to exchange it.

    2nd question: at what brightness do you experience the red tint and how bad ?

    If ti is not bothering you at 40% brightness...then just keep it...all of us have the red tint. Just hope yours isn't too bad.

  • Bt why red tint on 120hz

    Red is more darker than green

    So green is more preferable

    Can this be a great update for ROG phone 2 if possible, if hardware supports

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