[Works now] CRITICAL Zenfone 5Z GooglePay issue after recent Jan 2020 update

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  • Did you get the FOTA, or did you download the UL file manually not intended for your region (as it could be because of CTS not being approved yet for your particular region) - it is hard to say from just the screenshot

  • Hi CH_ASUS, Google Play Protect is showing device not certified after the latest Zenfone 5z update by ota.

  • This still shows even after downgrade to Android 9 and manually update to latest Android 10. Region is WW version. Play Protect still showing device is not certified.

  • jsfjsf Level 1

    Same by me.

    After FOTA today Google Pay stopped working.

    It is CRITICAL bug requiring URGENT fix.

  • I got notification about regular update over the FOTA just as usually.

    Software info: WW_100.10.107.36_20200110

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    Same issue for me. I updated through FOTA. My phone is not rooted. Developer Options is also disabled.

  • May be u guyszz installed .108 update as it was specifically only for japan users not WW and u tried to update it manually so may be u are facing this issue and u got OTA over .108

  • Hello friends, here also the same error there is no Play Protect certificate for that version, not allowing to use GooglePay. Audio via Bluetooth has also stopped working.

  • jsfjsf Level 1

    There is more:

    few widgets have disappeared

    the strength of touch shakes has diminished.

    How couldn such a piece of SW have been released ?

  • jsfjsf Level 1

    Google Pay returned to working yesterday evening.

    By the way, no issue with BT Audio.

  • Google pay, CST certification and pay p[rotect all working BT audio also working after reboot. please dont report false bugs. please give new update one day to settle. battery stats also improved

  • After reboot today worked for me too. No issues so far.

  • Can anybody tell how to clear cache partition in 5z

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