Twin Apps Issue

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Rog phone 2 : I have 2 whatsapp accounts on each sim card number, 1 & 2 and want to run them on the same phone. Twin Apps seems to be the solution, but it only replicates the first number installed. Twin apps never asks to reinstall from a backup, but just clones the existing account. Whatever I do, the first installed Whatsapp account will be replicated in twin apps. I have already deleted and installed again all whatsupp accounts but nothing helps.

Is there a solution?


  • Maybe it's because you have two accounts for each number. I didn't even know that was possible. Make sure you only have one account per number and try again.

  • Doesn’t answer my question; why does it replicate (clone) the same account? It shouldn’t do so, and is there a solution?

    Fyi, it is just two Whatsapp accounts. (One for each sim/ number) So your proposed solution has already been tested but without succes.

  • Could you please remove the accounts on both apps, start the screen recorder and show me what happens when you setup the accounts? I'm still not sure if there's a bug or if you're doing something wrong. A video will give me everything I need to know.


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