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Anyone having the same issue? I saw some users that their security update is up till december 2019. When I try to update it says it is up to date.

Im using the Ultimate Edition tho. Still on Android 9. Any help or work around will be appreciated. Thanks!


  • Ony beta testers have December security bpatch i think.

    No one got official new update yet.

    We all are on October security patch except beta testers

  • Thanks for confirming @sagarreddysag. So this is normal for now. Will have just to wait for the next security update I guess. ?

  • Whoa! This is super bad. Can't use my phone for work anymore because of the slow rollout. Come on Asus. Get your act together.

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    You cannot use your phone because your phone is on a older security patch?

    *Slow claps* (sarcasm intended)

    Security patch are shite they are just a number (rarely are there vulnerabilities that needs to be solved ASAP)

    But i get it everyone wants to be on the latest security patch for their own reasons ( pushing an update based on pie is "unreal" now considering how close android 10 is)

    Why would they update an older operating system knowing android 10 is just around the corner

    Android 10 beta testers are on December patch ( Asus has rolled out 6 betas based on android 10) the next can either be stable or another beta )

    Pretty sure stable will be based on the Jan/Feb patch

    I'm on an Zenfone 5z right now ( i got android 10 in November and i am on January patch)

    It's just that Zenfones aren't as "complicated" as Rog and are easier to update

    I say complicated as it's an "gaming oriented" phone and there are just too much inhouse stuff (including Armory crate, RGB sync, accesories) that can break .

    I hope you get it pal :D

  • I can't receive latest security update why???.. November security update ... But currently feb month i Don't receive jan December security update..

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    Nobody received because Asus did not released. it Also because of imminent release of Android 10 they are not releasing any security update.

  • Any future update about Android 10 coming or not .?

  • Yeah this is pretty wild to not release a security update due to a *late systems update.

    Asus. You are putting the people who have purchased your product at risk and are losing customer trust. Please get your act together. We like this phone, but this is probably the last one we'll buy from you if you keep this up.

  • Same here brother , we can not deny the fact that this is the best smartphone yet in the market . In terms of updates I'am really disappointed , I dnt think that it's a good idea to upgrade to Rog phone 3 if the policy remains the same . Maybe other phones are really behind in terms of features and gaming aspects but in terms of software we lack which I personally dnt appreciate (atleast security updates?) . All we can do is wait as there is no news regarding the update .

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