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Hi all, I have disabled internet for an app but internet is still accessible and the app is showing ads. Attached video for clarity.

Disabled internet didn't help

Clearing app cache didn't help

Restarting phone didn't help

I don't want to use any third party apps to block internet for apps. Could someone help?

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  • What happens if you turn off the internet completely on your device and try to run the app? I have a feeling it will run an ad no matter what, and that if you clicked on it you would find the phone notifying you that the network is disabled.

    This seems to be app specific behavior.

    Are you saying that you have disabled the app via Wi-Fi and mobile data, and that it continues to use data on its own? It used 39MB without your permission?

  • I'm guessing you disabled the app on the 11th and that the complaint is that the app is still showing ads now that you have disabled all data.

    What you're seeing is cached ads and they will run indefinitely until the app/game gets internet access again to download new ads.

    The very first thing this app/game will do when you start it if you're not in flight mode, is to download ads. Reinstalling the app won't help because they save their ads in temporary folders elsewhere in the system.

    So it's very important for new apps/games where you don't want ads to show, that you disable their access before you open the app. It only needs a couple of seconds to download and you probably won't find where it downloaded the ads to

  • @Anders_ASUS , it is not the cached ads. App is showing new ads at the end of each level of the game. So it means app still has access to internet.

  • @Anders_ASUS , attached few more screen shots for the app still has access to internet. You can see the Amazon ads in the bottom of the page keeps changing. Could you help to block the internet.

  • And you know for sure that this app is still getting access? That it didn't download 10 different apps when you opened it the first time?

    Please show me another data usage screen shot of Sand Balls so I can see that it's still transferring data even though it's disabled

  • ok, I see now when I test the app myself that it has managed to find a workaround to bypass our data restriction. This game developer should be called SpyGames instead fo SayGames :)

    I will let our devs know about this and find the loophole they use to block it for good.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • Devs got back to me and found that the root cause lays in Armoury Crate/Game Genie.

    The data could continue flowing via Armoury Crate even though you had restricted it in Mobile Manager. A temporary solution to your problem is for you to enter Armoury Crate -> Console -> Manage my games -> and remove Sand balls from the list.

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    @Anders_ASUS This issue is still there. Now it is happening for normal apps as well. I had disabled wifi and mobile data. But still getting ads and wifi usage shows some KB. I can see the app access internet through wifi only. I tested this with PUBG. PUBG still connecting to internet after disabled wifi access from mobile manager. Could someone try to block internet for PUBG and let me know ?

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