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So I have another thread open but it is kinda messy and its mainly about not so great and bugged multitasking and ram usage.

But here i wanna ask you guys if you have any problems with apps are getting killed overnight. Usually, when i wake up I have 3-4 apps open in recents from over 20+ when I am going to sleep. It is strange because even if I lost all these apps from memory i don't get much ram free after, still looks like apps are there in ram usage but all of them are reopening when I try them. Problem stays the same no matter what i trunf off or on.

Now i have like adaptive battery off, force autostart stop off, killing apps after scren off - OFF, i turn on autostart on all apps and literally any option to save battery I just turn off or on and test it.

I test all of it on android 10 lats update and last android 9.

Does anyone have similar problems to me? Maybe I am miss something? ?


  • Could it be that you have enabled this option?

  • I get that you have a lot of reding in here but you suggest this option to me in

    and I already told you that this is not helping in fact by this time I test it with and without it on android 9 and 10 

    I additional what is important I think? Even if I get only 3 apps alive after overnight kill my memory stays around 5 gb of use still this is pretty high for 3 apps open and the system don't you think?

  • I'm sorry about that. Yes, there are A LOT of user names to keep track of. I didn't remember I had already given you this advice.

    I will go back to the other thread, read and reply you there. It sounds like already now that we will have to log your phone to find out why this is happening.

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    Ok, that killing and overall weak ram management its my main drawback from keeping this phone I have a one week and a half window to return it. I hope to get at least a clear confirmation about that problem status and plans. Because despite what I say i don't really want to return it :P i kinda like it but multitasking was the main target when I choose it. : /.

    Wanna mark that this is not just my whining about it. I know that 8gb of ram can do a lot better and it can keep apps overnight even on android 10. There is even a whole site about this problem bet you guys can work this out like Nokia or Sony or even Onepluse because for me the problem is already solved in there. I have oneplus 7t for 3 days I bassicaly use the same apps in there and never experience any memory wipeout overnight. 

    If you guys can solve closing app issues and work out better, less aggressive ram menagement i will be spamming on donkillmyapp to change your score and not on your forum xD that's a profit isn't it? ^^?

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    @Kamil I must confirm that you are not alone. I did it exactly as you described in one of your posts. Before going to bed I opened 24 applications, then I went through them all once again that they are really all loaded in memory (I have 6 GB of memory). When I woke up in the morning and pressed the multitask button, I was surprised to find that out of the 24 applications, there were exactly 3 left, as you have repeatedly claimed.

    I stared at it open-mouthed. In fact, I've never done this check because the phone is fast enough that I just didn't recognize in the morning ((still sleepy) that applications were loading from Flash Memory instead of RAM.

    This check is really simple, anyone can do it, but apparently not many users and moderators have done it yet.

    Next time I would like to try to find out which applications actually stayed, whether the last used ones or completely random ones, and what processes took place at night that might be blame.

  • I don't know if it is possible to convince them to accept that there is ram management and killing app issue... by now I am just simply tired of trying.  ?

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    I think that just because an app is not shown in Recents does not mean that it has been killed or removed from memory.

    If you check in Settings/Storage & Memory/Memory

    And there touch "Memory used by apps" at the bottom you see all apps running in a time period.

    For example, I see that Telegram has been running 100% of the time during the last 3 hours, but I have never used it and it is not in Recents.

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    App gets some processes to run in background telegram is massage app something just need to run in the background if you wanna get a notification but app itself gonna reload from scratch like any other app missing from recents.

    So this is not the case.

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    It's the last used apps that stays and this is NOT a bug. It's Android 10 behaviour. We're not going to do anything about it as this behaviour comes from Google and all phones that I know of, shares this behaviour when the phone has been idle for a couple of hours.

    I haven't experimented to see if there's a way to make sure a specific app isn't being killed by the system. Maybe it could work if you go into system settings -> battery -> battery optimization and turn it off for the app you want to keep alive?

    To me this case is closed so I won't monitor this thread for a while but I will keep the thread open so anyone can share with everyone else if you manage to find a way to keep a specific app alive without it being one of the last 3-4 apps being used before going to bed.

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    Yep for me case is closed to just send this fine phone with trash system away. Have a nice day.

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