Phone Crashing and Network Problems AFTER 167 OTA!!!



  • kikoly said:
    Some forum moderators are ASUS employees who can help to contact the service center. If you still receive the problem after receiving the phone, please create a new post.
    Of course it's going to have the same problems as before since nothing was done to it.
    If the firmware is still .167 after you receive the phone, they may not have done anything. Try updating to the latest firmware first.
  • Unhappily I have to join the Family of Motherboard Issue.

    Out of the Box my phone started to make Fota updates. I was not aware of this possible issue.

    Between the various update (it made 3 in a short time) there was some weird reboots, but they was happening just after every update and in the beginning I thought it could be part of the update process.

    Phone worked OK for a couple of days then it started to have some freezes and reboots up to the moment where it remained with black screen, unresponsive, and then rebooted itself after more than 1 hour.

    Now I am in the procedure to have a new phone giving back the faulty one.

    Hoping to get a Good One, because the phone is really amazing when working (apart for audio section), but maybe it was better to ask for refund and look for a while the situation from outside.

    I was in love with my Zenfone 3 (and it looks that our relation have to go on for now ?) and this made me to choose the Zenfone 6 for updates after 3 years

    I really wish ASUS to sort it out as an isolated incident.

  • is the hardware issue been fixed..? or still people getting same 167 firmware out of the box..?

  • I had to toil for 3 months before i got a motherboard replacement

  • The motherboard problem and firmware version are not related at all. The point was simply that when the firmware was updated, or otherwise intensely loaded on the phone, the probability that a defective motherboard would appear would increase.

  • KroyKroy Level 1

    I've just joined the club today! ?

    No problems until I turned the screen off this morning to talk with someone, tried to turn it back on after a couple of minutes but nothing - up to 8 hours now & phone will just not turn on.

    Have filled out a form on the Asus UK website, they reckon I'll get an email in the morning explaining how to return the phone for repair & we go from there.

    Got the most recent firmware update on December 31st (110 I think). This is not good.....

  • You're in the UK so you don't have to worry. They will replace the motherboard as quickly as possible. It's just these dumbasses who work in India's tech industry at the end consumer and customer service level that make repair process so hard. It's not just the problem of Asus in India but almost all tech companies.

  • i got my motherboard replaced and now its dead again after a month. what should i do now

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    Sorry to hear that. Please contact the same service center you visited last time

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