My phone keeps restarting again and again



  • @Anders_ASUS Got my phone from Service Centre today. They have replaced the motherboard and thankfully tightened the loose camera module as well. Hopefully, the motherboard won't die on me again. Interestingly, they've flashed .174 firmware on it. I've yet to decide whether I should update it to .193 or not.

    I also found two APKs on my phone that they used for laser focus and motor testing. I'm attaching them here. Maybe you guys will find it useful. Use them at your own risk!!

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    Good news. I hope you won't have any more issues from now on.

    You can upgrade to latest version. The firmware has nothing to do with the restart issue you had before.

  • This phone seems to be a waste of bucks only as there is no staisfactory reply on any restarting problem faced or the mic noise issue. I think none of the buyer is satisfied with this 6z product. Bad experience with Asus on the first purchase order.

  • No this has to do with the update as my phone was running butter smooth before the updates but after that it just keep on restarting again and again

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    I'm not questioning that you issues appeared after the firmware update but we don't know if the same issues would have appeared with a simple restart. It's just a coincidence. It would still restart if we downgraded your FW.

    This is true if you have the same hardware issue as others who have reported that their device is restarting. Not all restarting devices have a bad motherboard. It's nothing new that a phone can behave like this or in a number of other ways after a firmware update. It has happened to all phone models from all brands though time as there are millions of combinations with apps and settings that can trigger a bug. This is normally fixed with a factory reset so please try this first and contact our service center if there's no change.

  • I have done factory reset twice now.Did it two days back and when i open a certain application, it goes into hung state and the phone keeps restarting multiple times in loop.I did a factory reset yesterday as well but today i have faced the same issue.This is one of the worst phones i have seen from ASUS Android.Looks like the software is not optimized and even after paying a huge price im not satisfied with the phone.Within 3 months of purchase having so many issues.You need to seriously look into the software upgrade.

    1.Two months back i had done a software upgrade and it wiped my SIM card.I had to reorder a new SIM card.

    2.Last week after the software upgrade i had to factory reset twice with losing all my data and applications.Now im in a situation where the phone keeps restarting every two hours if i open any Application.

    1. I have never heard of a phone that can wipe the SIM card
    2. Your phone clearly has a hardware issue. It's not software. Please contact ASUS support to get it repaired.

    I replaced the battery and it it booted right up, perfectly. I shut it down and plugged it in to let it charge and when I pushed the power button I get the , "POWERED BY ANDROID" followed by the "ASUS" logo screen, where it pauses for 5 seconds, and then reboots and reboots..................



    I have tried dealing with ASUS, but they have such a reprehensible sense of customer service. A mandatory $60 non-refundable, diagnostic fee. They refuse to make their parts available


  • Are you located in the US? If you bought the phone in the US you should be well within your twelve month warranty.

    Why did you repair the battery yourself? That's covered under the warranty. Because you are in warranty you are not subject to the diagnostic fee. That is only for out of warranty products or units that have been accidentally damaged.

    I'll send you a PM. I'd like to get your serial number and investigate your repair history, and figure out why US Support was telling you that you needed to pay the diagnostic fee.

  • my asus phone is restarting again and again from the mrng. Its really this a software prblm or hardware prblm??? it can be repaired or should i go with any other new phone bcoz i dont have any other alternate phone

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    I had the same issue. It's a hardware problem. Get your motherboard replaced.

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    Hi all and Happy New Year!

    Unfortunately, I have the same problem. However, I don't know if the cause is the same.

    I noticed the phone cannot load the the sim card - it constantly sets it and unsets it afterwards. I suppose that it crashes so many times trying to load the sim card, that it decides to restart. Therefore, I have no service either!

    It's frustrating.

    The phone was working completely fine until I updated the OS to Android 10. I'm considering resetting it back to Android 9. The firmware version is the newest one (currently that is: Version WW-17.1810.1911.110).

    I am attaching partial logs (logcat)!!! This part looks suspicious:

    Failed to remove GSM cell broadcast channels

    PS: Sometimes the phone randomly loads its sim card correctly and works fine for a few days.

    PS2: I've tried both sim card slots.

    PS3: I'm back to Android 9 and it hasn't crashed/rebooted for 3 hours so far.

  • Hey @jonas.linter, did you manage to resolve the problem? Thanks!

  • i'm facing the same issue with my ZenFone 3 (3Gigs variant).... :(

  • Right but with android one version there's no such thing

  • mi telefono solo se reinicia una y otra vez sin parar que puedo hacer???

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    Some users update the firmware through FOTA, causing the update to be incorrect and cause frequent reboots. Try the following method to manually update the firmware to see if there is any improvement.

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    Mentioned problem is caused by HW motheboard failure, not by the update method, whether differential or full.

    Of course, the fault may be triggered by the update because flash memory and mobo is stressed during the update like with heavy gaming or performance testing.

  • I am facing the same issue from last couple of days. 14 Aug 2020 was last day of 1 year warranty and after that is started going haywire....quite smart ha..:(

    Now if it's an hardware issue then I would say it's shame. Asus has lost my trust.

    How much it cost to change the motherboard?

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