Power button newer style options doesn't have bug report

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Power button newer design option does not have the bug report option.

I'm trying report as many as bug to the Asus team. If just in case, I set the colorful power button design, then I need a bug report means, I have to change to classical option everytime. Really, Haha, this is very funny. Atleast give an option to the user to enable error log button should be shown or hidden while pressing power button in all four power button design is the best method.

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    Yes, it is fixed in the latest FOTA update. Hence the ticket has been closed. Thank you Asus Team.


  • Developers probably assumed that ordinary ordinary users who change stock Android Power menu to gimmick / dumbed style do not need to report errors usually :)

  • I confirm that it is fixed in version WW_17.1810.2001.119.

    I am very pleasantly surprised by the Asus devs speed, hat down.

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