Call drops after exactly 30 mins.

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Hi all!

I have just found that every call I make with sim1 drops after exactly 30 minutes (tried 3 times). I don't know if the same situation happens with sim2 (can't check right now). I wonder if it is a setting I can change or some carrier limitation?

Could somebody help me?


  • I have TMobile and I think I had the same issue. Hard to test with someone, but I did call an 800 support line and was waiting about 30 before a rep could even get to me and then the audio would just stop, but the call remained active I think. If I turned on speakerphone I'd get a small audio cut like it's engaging but no content and it sounded the same on several repeated calls.

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    In my case it looked like the call has been terminated by me or by my carrier. I took part in a conference call and after I called back the conference was still active and all other participants didn't experience any problems.

  • Strange, I can ask the software team if they have any kind of limit enabled. Which would be strange, phone calls routinely go that long...

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    I have checked once again today. Looks lite this issue relates to the carrier, not to the phone. If I make call to another subscriber of the same carrier then everything is fine. Also I took a sim from another carrier and experienced no problems.

    Gotta have a talk with my carrier's customer service...

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