What a mess!



  • @fjaviergj I think it's good that this notification appears everytime.

    If it's really annoying you, long press on that notification and set it as silent and reduced !

  • Once it's okay, all the time it's annoying. If silence, I will never listen to it and I think it is necessary to hear it only the first time.

  • It seems that it is necessary to have activated the high precision option in the GPS so that the operation of the light at sunset / sunrise works correctly after turning off and on the device.

  • Is it possible that you do not press with your face on the screen during a call?

    I am not sure that the illuminated screen is also shown, but if the screen presses occur.

  • Another error: the location icon in the notification bar is only white, when the background is white it does not change color like the other icons and cannot be seen.

  • Where is the option to keep the screen on intelligently? You can add it by keeping it on as long as your finger is placed on the fingerprint reader.

  • Have any of the problems described in the latest update been fixed?

  • I see that it is no use to report problems because they are not resolved. The phone when a reset is done continues to start in Italian after the last update.

    Not a single problem of those reported has been resolved during this time and the different updates, unfortunately. We have phones with Beta operating systems and the problems are never resolved.


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    The ZenFone 6 will continue to be in italian. This only happens when you first use the device or after a factory reset. It's not really a problem as it's easy to change language and this is something that you will only be exposed to once and never again. The decision to have it in Italian was made when zf6 was launched and it has been like that ever since. I don't necessarily agree with this decision but I also don't see it as a problem. It's not a bug or a mistake even if it may seem strange.

    For the other issues that you highlighted, please create new threads for each one with screenshots and detailed description. This will make it a lot easier for me when communicating with our software devs.

  • S4tS4t Level 2

    After 3 months, if this GPS thing is so important to you, maybe you should get a different phone?

  • I think it would be better to change developers for others who listen to the user instead of designing with their backs to the user.

  • When the previous Zenfone were launched, they were made with the operation of the language I ask. The Zenfone 5z among them, after the update to Android 10, behaves the same as the Zenfone 6. I think you do not want to spend time to make the language behavior as before. At least use English, as is done in this forum because it is a language of international use. Although the logical thing is that as was done in the previous Zenfone the language of the SIM was obtained, and English by default. Are we going to change the forum language to Italian which is the default language of Zenfone 6 using the same logic and decision of the developers?

  • You sound very rough, not so nice. I dont have any of your problems with the device. I really like it and havent found any real problem. So you cant say its a device full of bugs, that is simply not true.

    If you are the only one with that gps problem, than it must be something around your location. My gps signal on the zf6 is really good and fast too...

  • There are many other problems on this issue that have not been resolved. Do not look only at the GPS.

  • Okay, I went through this thread and try to comment on all your points:

    1) Proximity sensor constantly fails causing pulsations on the screen.

    Haven't had that problem. Is it available in the latest firmware for you? Anyone else have this problem? 

    2) The sound cancellation during the call does not work, and the person you speak with does not listen to you.

    No problem here. Anyone else? 

    3) Default language Italian.

    Can't remember that, as i only did it once. No big deal, no bug. 

    4) I think it is also necessary to keep the screen on while holding the phone as in the Zenfone 5z, and not just for time.

    What do you mean? Can you discribe it a bit more? Is it the same as under 13)?

    5) After updating to Android 10, and reset to factory settings, each time I restart, the applications change places.

    What is the problem? The started apps are not in the correct order as they where used before the boot. Have to look into that. 

    6) The sound through the headphones connected by cable drops the volume and quality, in the radio application and on YouTube after the last update.

    Just tried it. I don't know, how loud they have been under android9, but they are definitly really loud on highest volume. Quality is great for me. 

    7) Another bug to fix: the LED does not show notifications during charging.

    I will test and report, if its a problem for me. 

    8) with the screen locked, the time left to fully charge the battery is not shown, only fast charging is shown.

    Is that a bug? No phone before gave me that information.

    9) The night light does not turn off automatically even if it is programmed, if we turn off the device when it is active, and turn it on after the time it should be turned off. (sunrise / sunset setting) But with the phone on it works correctly. It does not work properly if it turns off after sunset and turns on after sunrise. The phone should check if it has already dawned or evening when turned on to correctly adjust the light. The location is always active, that should not be the problem.

    I don't use that option. Anyone else? 

    10) When a battery saver mode is activated (less than 10% battery), each time the device is unlocked, the notification skips as you can see in the video.

    Has been discussed already. I don't know, if its a bug or a android feature.. 

    11) Is it possible that you do not press with your face on the screen during a call? I am not sure that the illuminated screen is also shown, but if the screen presses occur.

    Can you discribe that a bit more? Does the screen illuminate while you have it on your ear? Do you use a screen glass? 

    12) Another error: the location icon in the notification bar is only white, when the background is white it does not change color like the other icons and cannot be seen.

    Can't confirm that. Works for me. 

    13) Where is the option to keep the screen on intelligently? You can add it by keeping it on as long as your finger is placed on the fingerprint reader.

    Sounds like a good feature. But its not a bug.

  • @HansWurstSenior Thank you for compiling all the problems in a message.

    I will answer each point.

    0) On the accuracy of the GPS I could not do more tests moving away from where it usually is and usually fails. When possible I will put more information on that problem. Who should fix the problem if it only occurs in my area?

    1) On the proximity sensor there was a subject that I had not found when I put my message, it is this: https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/7473/asus-calling-screen-annoy-screen/p1

    2) It seems to have improved with subsequent updates, but there is no official confirmation that developers have addressed the problem. On other issues, for example, a solution to speaker problems was confirmed.

    3) The problem with the Italian language is that I have reset my phone factory more times than all my previous phones together, in almost every update. In addition to almost all ZenTalk issues, a factory reset is recommended as a possible solution, so it is something that is used a lot, and is not difficult to develop, all other brands have it as requested.

    4) Indeed, points 4 and 13 are related. In Zenfone 5z (and in any phone with front camera), there is the option to keep the screen on intelligently, in addition to taking into account the time to turn it off, it is taken into account if the user is looking at the screen so that it is not turn off if you don't touch it for the set time. As a solution it occurred to me that since the phone cannot see the user's face while reading the screen, if it can detect a finger placed on the reader (it is not necessary to recognize the fingerprint). In this way the sleep timer would not start if you did not touch the screen, being very useful for certain circumstances.

    5) It seems that randomly, in that update. After having ordered the applications, some changed places after the restart. I don't know if the developers have checked it, because it only happened during the first reboots and randomly.

    6) Before the update, at that time I put the message, you had to increase the volume to get the same volume level as before updating. For example, before with 25% it was heard the same as now with 40%. (The percentages are only to explain what happened, they are not literal).

    7) It still happens after the last update 110.

    8) In Zenfone 5z with Android 9 (now with Android 10 it no longer appears), and I don't remember if also in 6 with Android 9, the remaining time is shown at the bottom of the lock screen. It is the same information as if we enter the battery section, where the approximate time until charging is complete.

    9) That option found that it works correctly when the high-precision GPS option is active, and should work even with simple GPS. In addition, it would be nice to be able to associate this function with the night light or the dark background option.

    10) It seems that this problem has been resolved in update 110, but has not been officially confirmed. I will continue testing to confirm that it has been fixed.

    11) It is related to point 1. I do not use any screen protector, and the case is the one that came with the phone. It is all explained in the link in point 1.

    12) For the background to be white I must use a specific application, with other applications without a white background, the location icon is correctly displayed in white, but I have not found it to be shown in black in any application.

    13) It is in point 4.

    I especially want to thank you for your response and your valuable time you have spent responding.

  • 6) Can confirm, that the first steps to 25% are really silent. But the top volume is good. Maybe the steps are not linear now. Asus, can you comment on that one? Was there a change in this volume steps?

    7) Can confirm it. The orange loading led stays. That should be improofed (maybe changing color from orange to another color)

  • @HansWurstSenior I also commented on problem 14. It is the last message on page 3.

    14) I think this is a bug. When a battery saver mode is activated (less than 10% battery), each time the device is unlocked, the notification skips as you can see in the video.

    It still works the same after update 110.

  • Today I did another GPS test and recorded the screen. It is not a place with difficulties to receive the GPS signal. In the video you can see how according to the GPS, he first crossed a building, then I go to the opposite sidewalk and finally I return to the left sidewalk. The reality is that all the time I was walking along the left sidewalk of the street in the center of the video.

    I want to make it clear that before I recorded the video I was walking for a while with the active GPS so that the location was accurate.

    I also want to remember the problem that someone commented on the compass calibration on another occasion. Every time I restart the phone it is necessary to recalibrate it.

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