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  • Not much of a gamer myself but i see fellow users have provided you apt solutions. Enjoy the excellent user experience with 5Z bro. :)

  • Camera is working flawless, Fingerprint is tad bit slow may be fixed in next update and battery drain in Google problem with all phones running A10. Asus cannot doi much till Google fixes it. Also i didnt face any delay in receiving the calls. Try clearing cache and if that doesnt help perform factory reset which is must after every major Android update.

  • Heat dissipation is handled very differently by one plus and Asus. for 5z to avoid throttling of CPU they have made certain arrangements so you may feel its being overheated. But i would recommend dont use phone for extensive tasks while plugged for charging.

  • Post updates have following issues noted,rest all working good.

    1)finger sensor is unlocking slow compared ultra fast android 9 prior version

    2) orientation although enabled you tube and gallery app doesn't auto orient

    3)mobile data usage app doesn't allow to track daily usage asus versiin was better

    4) auto brightness selected but screen brightness not adjusting based on ambient light resulting faster battery burn

    5)screen saturation colors adjustments all are now disabled

    6)screen features and double tap to wake up and sleep not working even if it's enabled

    Asus please fix these issues via fix update.

    1. is a known issue
    2. Will have to check on my end
    3. This is new system design with zenui 6 as per Asus
    4. keep your mobile in bright light and dim environment for considerable time (2-3 hours) let the device learn light intensity and soon it will function normally
    5. Clear cache and data from splendid app 2-3 times it will be functional again
    6. couldn't replicate this bug
  • Hi, after upgrading Android 10 some applications especially PUBG is getting closed automatically, any solutions or any firmware on the release line?

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    Try clearing cache and storage for pubg and if that doesnt solve the problem kindly reset is recommended after every big update ?

  • Здравствуйте. После последнего обновления до 10 андроида не могу установить фотографии контакта на весь экран. Фото ставлю, закрываю приложение и через несколько минут снова маленькое фото в кружочке. Есть решение?

  • The 5th issue has been resolved after following your tip on splendid app. Rest of all issue still there,not sure why you were not able to replicate this issues.

    i have one more to report. Camera recording mode in high def for 2 min causes over heating message from camera app. Never ever saw this msg on older version of Android on long duration full hd recordings in the past. Some unenecesaary processing or false triggering causing this.please fix.

  • I will check the camera app for the overheating warning. Will have to check if this is new system design or just a bug that needs rectification. Issue no. 6 seems to be a unique case, i will ask other users if they experienced same.

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    Never faced any of the above issues on my 5Z like fingerprint slowness,pubg autoclose,screen double tap is working flawless,and all other is gr8

    Juz issue m experincing are

    1) inconsistent navigation bar in some apps like browser or any other it doesnt auto hide by itelf also in some apps the navigation bar space is occupied but bar isnt visible infact that space ruins full screen experinece which in A9 was not an issue (now dont say it as system design coz space occupation is seen but bar isnt visible ?)

    2) so much of battery drain is observed especially while gaming ANDROID SYSTEM EATS UP 15% OF BATTERY ONLY WHILE GAMING which results the final overall device backup to 2hrs.30 min tats insane ? after full charge

    3) some VPN are not compatable to A10 TO activate VIP it gives error

    4) sometimes noticed if sim 2 network fluctuates sim 1 is affected and data speeds fluctuation is observed if data is activated on sim 1

    5) 5Z shows fast charging but i personally feel speed for charging is bit decreased as compared to A9

    6) Audio improvements is required as there is lot of treble comparing to previous versions but this is observed only via 3.5 mm jack phone speaker doesnt have such issue feels punchier bass output

    7) Google crome sometimes freezes and sometimes scrolling onscreen flickers in forum here in ROG section i know every flagship from ASUS is facing this may be they will fix it as soon as possible

    8) very few times during gaming lyk pubg got touch issues may be i think while using 2 fingers at a times conflicts with touch responses facing this in A10 but not a serious issue tough but it ruins a smooth gaming experince sometimes in which i may loose my chicken dinner ?

    9) Also pubg ping has some serious issues in A9 it was always 50ms minimum sometimes 40ms but right after A10 update m getting minimum 75ms not less than that and it fluctuates furture but never decreases not an very serious issue but (u know lesser the ping faster are the responses in game )?

    I wish if upcoming new update fixes some issues and m happy with camera quality i personally observed HDR in camera is bliss to watch in terms of detailing at night as well n 5Z doesnt need any special nightmode our sensor does everything for us i think camera is improved a bit never checked with video shootings but just photography is now love??

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  • We'll keep addressing issues encountered on 5Z.

    You may try to reset your phone and see if the battery drain issues would resolve - seems like there is some process hogging battery in itself - but it is really hard to say which one / or which app without device logs.

  • Now suddenly I can't screenshot anything please help me someone !

    Why is this shown in everything I screenshot ?

  • Thanksalot for your response @CH_ASUS really meansalot to 5Z users hope to see fixes soon not just about battery and reset is alredy tested n still issue persist but system is more capable of optimisations awaited for future fixes n improvement ✌️?

    Also kind request to mods please open up new thread for 5Z in this new forum we need it badly many 5Z users keep posting issues in fan chat section and they hardly get solutions so please asus its kind request to start new thread section only for 5Z

  • One major issue is that after update Netflix just display SD resolution, hope Asus fix it soon.

    Other issues are already reported, like figerprint not as fast as it was on Pie, RAM management is worse, apps reloading.

    One more problem that I have since Pie, some apps don't send me notifications after some time with no use, this happens with famous apps like iFood, Tapatalk, Tinder, Santander Way, looks like the apps are "killed" in background and push services "freezed". Tried to find a solution, verified battery optimization options, but everything looks "fine".

  • Yes the battery drain is significantly more for almost all users but since this is initial build for A10 i think Asus will solve this issue soon. Audio needs a bit of tweaking and some bugs here and there that needs ironing out. 5Z has been a wonderful device and most value for money proposition for me. Brought in within months of launch and never faced any significant problem over a year and half. Keep improving the experience till you conclude the official support for this. Thanks @CH_ASUS

  • A couple of more issues

    7)while making phone calls proximity sensor appears to be not working ;screen still on while speaking and it causes unnecessary touches on screen

    8)some apps doesn't detect the compass

    9)auto brightness /ambient display doesn't wirk based on outdoor /indoor light conditions. A big inconvenience especially in outdoor struggles to see the brightness slider to increase brightness for readability.

    Please address these issues

  • I don't know why I updated. I don't know why I buy ASUS.

    I can't use my camera, my photos are gone. My podcast app works for 5 seconds before shutting down. Heaven knows what other bugs are lurking.

    Irony is I just spent 60USD at Taipei service center to get my blurry camera replaced. Now this update has rendered my camera useless. WTF ASUS!

  • Download, move the file to the main internal storage folder and restart.

    Puff, the cake is a lie but we'll always have pie.

  • 7 working fine with me. Do you use any screen protector? please see if it is blocking the sensor

    8 will look into this

    9 train your auto brightness by exposing the sensor to dim and bright lights and environments, once the machine learning mechanism understands your usage it will work fine

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