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At first I was receiving notification when I first installed the apps but after I found app lock and decided to lock them while playing games I would pull down on the tab and see no messages in the notification bar and I had alert off, so I won't be interrupted while playing and after playing I would check my What'sApp and so on to notice I've missed a bunch of messages I started a thread mentioning it where I got help from two persons amitgarde3 and kchinnavigneshraja

By following kchinnavigneshraja un-installed the Apps and reinstalled them again and it work I started to receive notifications again but I went back to AppLock and then notice I wasn't receiving notification, that's when I notice whenever placing AppLocker on an app it stops notification from popping up in the notification tray

Is this a bug or is it working as intended ?


  • I think it is working like it is suppose to be but it may not be to everyone's liking.

    This is just my thoughts, the idea is to lock the app totally so if someone was using your phone for a brief period of time. You would not want them to be able to see or read your notifications when you receive a message.

    But doing this might annoy some people because they got to unlock the app just to check for notification.

    Maybe ASUS can add in a option in the applock settings to allow notifications to show but no pop-ups which shows a brief summary of the messages ?

  • Yes that would be nice, plus you can set your notifications to be hidden, so it would only tell show how much messages you've received and not show the content of the message.

    So having that option of having the app locked and still receive notification would be lovely

  • I think they should have the option to allow notifications because there's already an option where you can hide sensitive content and it would only sure you received a message so having that option to show notification even if applock is applied would be great.

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