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I noticed while playing games on my new ROG

phone 2 the screen heats up. It's uncomfortable to my thumbs, I understand that's where the copper heat sink is located. But the main reason for this post is cause I wish Asus would change the passive cooler port on the back. Make it a pass through chamber and adjust a new fan assembly to push air through it. I believe it would keep the phone a lot cooler.


  • Do you have the Aero Active cooler attached when gaming? The phone is still uncomfortable to touch when using it?

  • Yes. I am honestly speaking for gaming if mobile heats up i dont care . The Asus Rog 2 phone goes up to 42 degrees which i feel is moderate for gaming (other phones like XIAOMI and realme heats upto 47drgrees). But why does it heat up even while watching movies to 42 degrees i dont understand that . could u pls explain me this

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