Asus 5z Android 10 update bugs



  • Dark mode is not working for my phone.

  • After updating chrome browser has stopped functioning. It's getting closed on its own. When dialling any no dial tone is not coming immediately and after clicking red disconnect button it's getting hanged.

    The update is disastrous.

    Pls info if rectification underway

  • Factory reset !

  • After updating to android 10. My phone cant detect any signal from card. Anyone have same problem? Please help!!

  • Have you done a factory reset yet

  • Ciao,da quando ho aggiornato il mio Asus Zenfone 5z as Android 10 ho riscontrato vari bug. Principalmente uno ed è legato ad alcune app che utilizzo per registrare video (inshot, YouCut) che appena provo ad aprirle,dopo pochi secondi,mi fanno uscire dall'applicazione come nella clip che ho allegato in cui cerco di salvare un video, mi si blocca il caricamento e inoltre mi crusha dall'app senza motivo. Da questo momento il telefono va in palla per circa 1 minuto ( se cerco qualcosa su internet mi appare lo schermo bianco e ho allegato una foto,se provo a sbloccare il telefono non riesco né con impronte né con il volto né con il PIN e mi si bloccano tutte le app). Poi torna tutto normale e appena provo a riutilizzarle( le app per editare i video) succede la stessa cosa. Volevo chiedere se esiste una soluzione dato che ho ripristinato i dati di fabbrica e non è successo nulla.

  • After updated to Android 10 battery giving hitting problem. Even AI power mode on.

    Battery getting quickly drain compared to Android 9.

  • After every major update a factory reset ios recommended. my phone is working flawless and there are literally no critical bugs.

  • Battery drain is A10 issue and not Asus issue., Unless Google solves it Asus cannot do much

  • I think battery is very good in 10

  • Battery drains fastly please fix this bugs..

    Then can u please add the AI charging option.

    Then gboard is sometimes lagging.

    I think AI ringtone also don't works properly.

    Then A10 is so nice ...

  • Also google crome sometimes freezes

    Vpn does not work with android 10

    Navigation bar is inconsistent sometimes while watching video in browser keeps bar onscreen which ruins full screen experience and and also in some apps navigation bar isnot seen but still the bar space is occupied down there which also ruins full screen experince for several apps

    Android system is hungry for battery no watever watever we are doing



  • After updating my Asus 5Z to Android 10 my phone has become dead slow and buggy.

    It takes at least 3 seconds to unlock when used fingerprint. Some of the apps are totally dysfunctional like Camera, which doesn't open at all. Receiving calls has been a nightmare because it wouldn't respond and by the time lift the call, it gets disconnected.

    The battery has went kaput! Earlier I used to charge my phone once in two days, now I have to charge TWICE A DAY.

    I've been in the Asus family since Asus Zenfone 5 days and this is the first time I'm feeling frustrated with the OEM.

    Before many start hating you, fix the bugs ASAP!

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    Hey aamod.v8 i recently purchased zenfone 5z and it came with oreo and then I start updating through FOTA and after 7 updating 7 times i got Android 10. It's smooth , almost stock.

    But the problem is that when i play pubg the device gets heat up . I thought it's normal but then display also started to heat up a lot and also while playing pubg phone shows charging but doesn't charge stays at same percentage.

    Else everything is working great!

    Previously I was using Oneplus 6 and i didn't face these issues.

    Can u help here?

  • Sometimes due to excess gaming CPU can throttle and which cn ruin gaming experinece for users so ASUS has this intentional technology if device gets excess heating phone trys to maintain the temperature so nothing to worry about u cn keep your chicken dinners going

    ( It is never recommended to use ur smartphone during on charge which may possibly damage the battery as well)


  • So , it means i dont have to reset my phone?

    As many were saying that factory reset might improve battery and heat bugs.

  • Factory reset can possibly solve many problems cn say minor bugs if you are facing after updating to A10 if bugs are bothering u alot or else wait for new upcoming update may be in coming 2 weeks 5Z is getting an update which will be security patch n many fixes

    And does issue you mentioned is happening always during gaming? Coz same issue i faced in pie with some update but after wards it got solved by itself then i read a mod reply that its a feature to stablize CPU performance during gaming to avoid more heating n throttles so i personally think u got nothing to worry about n wait for fix by itself instead of resetting coz i cn understand the frustration of resetting a device ?

  • Thanks brother , i was worried that i may have to go service center. And yes factory reset takes a lot of time taking backups .....

    Seriously buying this phone is the one good thing i have done in my life having 0 regrets.???

    Waiting for the patch....

  • Asus never dissapoints ✌️? m user since 1st gen almost got every ASUS smartphone nearby my side and got 0 regrets frm users at my side ? cheers..!!! Brother

  • Pretty good battery on A10

    Over 4 hours sot

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