Kunai right analog drift issue (bumper case)

ZenpaiZenpai Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Hi, I would like to report regarding the kunai right analog drift issue. The issue occurs when you're tilting the right analog gently to left, then after releasing, the input seems still register as if you're still tilting to the left. Then I need to slightly tap the analog in order for the input to return at the center. I've encountered this while playing BDM, which has a sensitive right analog control for camera view. I dunno if it's only for me but I've tested it both on bumper and the holder via direct connection, it only occurs when using the bumper. Here is some screenshots when i tested the values registered by the kunai when replicating this issue. The normal values of the right analog x axis when in center is - 0.003921509

Any ideas @LP_ASUS ? Thanks


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