Battery draining even on 250$ desktop dock

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Just documenting on forums so more people can avoid these products. 100% charge, start playing fortnite whilst connected to the desktop dock. In 2-3 hours I am sitting at 50% battery life while the phone is on dock. Avoid this crap like the plague.


  • There are two reasons why the phone won't charge fast enough.

    1. You're not using the 30W charger
    2. The phone is so hot that it has to decrease the charging speed, or it will overheat.

    The built in cooler in the stand is supposed to prevent the phone from getting too hot but some games are more demanding than others. Which game were you playing when your phone has gone down to 50% after 2-3h?

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    He did say he was playing fortnite

    That game isn't optimised well for android and is a battery sucker

    I'm guessing he maxed out all the settings and is using an 18W charger.

    Fortnite is a demanding title (AAA) and the charging could've been affected due to the higher temps of the device or due to any other factor

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    Ok, I must have read his post too fast. So if you play fortnite, you will use a large amount of both GPU and CPU which will create a lot of heat. You will want to stay below 40c or the charging speed will go down. The first thing you can do is turn the screen brightness all the way down. This will slow down how fast it will reach a 40+ celcius. The fan in the dock is unfortunately not the most efficient and quite noisy at maximum speed so it's better if you can use a table fan and aim it at your phone to keep it cool.

    I know it's a bit unconventional but even if you don't put a fan next to it, the battery life will last for hours If you're at 100% capacity when you start gaming. Just make sure to set your screen brightness to minimum. You're watching the external monitor anyway. The charging speed limit is precautionary. If the phone is too hot during a long period, then it will decrease the life expectancy of your battery and nobody wants that.

  • I just came to think of another thing you could do that I haven't had time to try myself.

    Fortnite is mostly GPU dependent like most other games. Underclock the cpu and set temperature to low. Hopefully this will keep your temps even lower.

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