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I bought rog 2 two weeks back in the hope of playing PUBG at pro level. i set sensitivities including camera, ADS and Gyroscope after many training match, it was good during training match. but when i open scope/red dot/holo during real match, it is uncontrollable and moving far away. i also tried medium default setting, but only changed Gyroscope, it was good and was quite happy. but after couple games with same settings, recoiling / ADS are getting worse. is there anyone who has same issue? please reply guys.


  • I am facing same problem too.i had fully mastered gyro on one plus 6t but after i bought asus rog 2 phone and played the gyro scope seems to be unstable in pubG it automatically goes upwards plsss fix it guys if i cant play pubG in this i will not call it gaming phone

  • Rog 2 got an update today

    Check if it's solved guys

  • Averan in my rog 2 phone i didn't get update . Where did u update??

  • You may receive it within a few days. Even I didnt

  • I think i found why gyro is misbehaving

  • It's bcuz of of air triggers . Idk what's with air trigger and gyro but when i turned on only right trigger for shooting and disabled left air trigger then automatically i think i saw more up and down (this time it did not go side ways).it left going sideways like before and started going up and down a little.

    For me gyro going a bit up and down is better than going side ways . U guys also try this trick and reply me.

    NOTE-: U SHOULD ONLY ENABLE RIGHT AIR TRIGGER (don't enable left i.e aim trigger) USE THIS RIGHT TRIGGER FOR SHOOTING ON PUBG ATLEAST 30 MIN(practice match) and also try to control gyro then the gyro stops mis behaving side ways and start going up and down.GOOD LUCK?

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    No leave, it's back to same again. Idk why no one is replying with answers . If this was one plus communit means every minute 10-20 answers

  • Try to put the both fire buttons to air trigger

  • Issue is in game my friend having Note 8 MI and iPhone 7 same issue.

  • Problema con Android 10 , actualice a android 10 y cuando intento jugar pubg se traba la pantalla y se reinicia el celular , ya intenté reinstalando el juego ya hice un hard reset del celular y sigue igual alguien tiene alguna sugerencia o solución

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    No sé. Para mi casi todas problemas terminaron después un hard reset. Trata a iniciar sesión de pubg con Google Play en vez de Facebook.

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