Replacement parts for Zenfone 6

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15 minutes after I received my new phone, I dropped it, and the screen cracked!! Looking on the internet for a new glass (could be also the digitizer, not sure if it's one item or separate), Ali Express etc., but the pictures don't match the phone, and not sure if the screen good is the OEM gorilla glass.. Or some junk... So where can I purchase from a reliable supplier parts ?

Love the Zenfone 6 best on market at any price!!!



  • By the way.. The crack started on the upper right hand corner.. Exactly where the protection case grasps the phone. I think the plastic is way too hard, and amplifies the bang .Soft silicone or similar.. Much better protection.Do Dont use the cover supplied with the phone!

  • Are you located in the US? We have a program in the works where we will make repair parts available to end users for self repairs.

    It is not live yet but coming next year. This might not help you in your current situation but we're working on making parts available as soon as we can.

  • I had the same problem, after 2 months waiting for repair, I finally exchanged my phone for a new one, saying that I pay the price of repair 2800 CZK / 136 US /, ASUS service is a disaster - instead of CZECH REPUBLIC.

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