ASUS ROG Phone 2 - AeroActive Cooler II sound issues

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Hello, I've encountered a problem with the AeroActive Cooler II while playing games. If I have my headset plugged into the 3.5 jack of the Cooler and unmute (default is muted) my microphone when playing (PUBGM & CODM), the sound output changes to the phone speakers instead of the headphones. Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


  • Just tried discord while having the headphones plugged into the AeroCooler, works as it should. Will try WhatsApp tomorrow.

  • I tried Shadowgun Legends today, the problem is NOT there. Only PUBGM and CODM.

  • Please reply my PM with a log and maybe I can find out why this is happening to some users. Thanks!

  • I have the same problem too.

  • I have the same issue, when I connect my headphone/headset through the aeroactive cooler while playing PUBG the sound switches to Speakers, when I connect through the phone itself it works.. Sometimes, when I cnonect through the aeroactive cooler and lock and unlck the phone it works..

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    There is no such problem in Asphalt 9. At least not for me. Is it the phone or the game issue?

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