ASUS ROG PHONE II (ZS660KL) Screen Burn in (Help me)

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Hi there All ,im new here i bought Asus ROG phone 2 ZS660KL 12gb Ram 512gb Rom Tencent Version.I buy this For Gaming ,Pubg ETC.I heard its beast for Gaming ,After 1 month Playing Pubg on my mobile With 60fps Frame with low Graphics with Ultra Frame Rate 70-80% Brightness,Without Connecting Charger , playing Time 3 hour Regular twice in a day with Full Battery.My Phone has Burn in Screen on navigation Bar and Very low Notice able Line in mid of Screen when We using White Web pages .So why this is happening .Is there any solution or it was my money waisting on Asus Rog phone .I switched from Galaxy NOTE8 And NOTE 9 for Gaming If this phone made for games why this happening.Im attaching a picture of Burn in On Navigation bar right side below ,everyone can see Clearly. There was an error displaying this embed.


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    You want to do a display test in the test menu to see if it is a really a burn in ?

    1) go to the calculator app

    2) type .12345+=

    3) choose single test (ignore the enable location notice)

    4) find test "Display test" and start the test

    if the lines are still there then yes you got a burn in...I am not sure if this is covered under warranty

    You can read this write up if you want to know why this is happening..

  • dont buy ASUS again, simple. They try their hardest not to honor their warranty, and they suck with updates.

  • @rizwanasghar450 ... Probably this is a oled panel issue....

  • I know this Setting everyone know what is burn in screen its easy to find bad luch i had now.I just made this post for help to other to stop buying this.1000 USD is not coming from tree or water they fooking us ,why they made gaming phone if pubg mobile heavy than phone the game is casue burn in screen.

  • Woah!! That's bad. This should not have happened, Asus should have tested every aspect of the phone properly before releasing. I hope it is covered under warranty and can be replaced.

  • This is not asus fault it's because your are using a static image such as pubg in game signs and other static icons to prevent burn a image (static image) should only be present for 45 min if more there is a chance for burn in trust me I've been using oled for 5 years

  • Got to agree with this guy...been to a Huawei store and man they had their demo unit on for so long. The whole screen has tons of burn in marks from google and other apps. It was already having that pink reddish tint on the screen too. It is not Asus fault.

  • Don't worry bro it's usual problem seen in oled display of any brand but if product is in warranty company had to repair this in warranty if they denied mail the Asus and took for reason to deny for repairing and quotation of repairing then proceed to consumer court.

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    @rizwanasghar450 That's because AMOLED/ SUPER AMOLED screens SUCKS ?

    In amoled screens, blue subpixel has shorter lifespan than green and red subpixels because it needs to be driven with high amount of current than red and green. This causes the screen burn. In LCD, it's actually the backlight that's responsible for illuminating subpixels so there's no screen burn.. . .

    The only advantages of Amoled is that it saves battery when the screen displays black color (#000000 hex value).

    I still can't understand why they keep using amoled screens despite that the screen burn issues aren't fully resolve

  • To those who suffered screen burns just be careful next time and choose IPS screen phones rather than AMOLED/SUPER AMOLED phones. At this moment you will always on the risk of getting screen burns if you will pick AMOLED/SUPER AMOLED unless the screen burn issue is completely fix. ?



    A greater number of colors.

    Superior black, great for movies.

    Better viewing angles.

    Power-saving considering black pixels don't need energy.


    More realistic looking images.

    Display has a good life (OLED starts burning in pixels after 4000+ hrs).

    More sharpness.

    Better sunlight readability.

    Cheaper than OLED.

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    Thanks to all giving me time on my thread.Please help me to find high spec phone with no burn in issue any one can suggest me which phone will be better for playing 3 hour continouse and for hard use.

  • @rizwanasghar450 I think you will be just fine with any phone that is ips, you can go for realme 5 pro and asus zenfone 6z both are ips displayed phones no risk in screen burning ?

  • thanks bro i will search for realme pro 5

  • Asus Rog Phone 2 has amoled c panel! C panel means short life! Every Amoled screens have chance to screen burn but c panel have the biggest chance and every amoled c panel displays will burn. Asus Rog Phone 2 has 600$ and best specs and they put c grade amoled panel to their phones it means they will charge u extra display replacement money after 1 year!!! Please dont buy Asus Rog Phone 2 guys! This phone actually have the most disgusting screen ever!!! The screen of my friend ROG 2 brightmess dimmed over time now that phone screen is half pink and half yellow then brightness only 180 net at max brightness. Also such broken amoled screen very very toxic to your eye sight!!! Always reject buying oled&amoled screen Newer dont buy C panel amoled screen !!!

  • Today i have same problem with 8gb/128gb international i see configuration panel Call of Duty screen Saver.

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    Call of Duty screen battle royale burn in my screen.

    Playing Time total 105hours for 5 months.

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