Any way to postpone system update?

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Android 10 system update has automatically installed on background and android is asking me to reboot to finnish the system update. I have not rebooted the phone and I am thinking if there are any easy way to postpone the update in a way that it does not happen automatically after next time I restart my phone? I want to postpone that update until proper gcam for zenfone is released.


  • Automatic update got too far and its too late to change that setting. I am only reboot away from android 10. Maybe there are no way to postpone it anymore and I should just be carefull not to let the phone to restart.

    Thanks anyway for sending that tip.

  • It's too late unfortunately and a reboot is inevitable. Just restart it. Postponing might make it worse and most people don't have any issues with their device after the fw upgrade.

    If you do experience any issues, then we find a way to solve it.

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