ROG Phone 2 needs to improve.



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    Out of the 3 navigation options: gesture, swipe on home button and virtual navigation bar, I find gesture most cumbersome. If I want to exit the Armory Crate and I swipe up, it asks me to swipe up again. I frequently need to repeat the swipe to get the result I wanted. Swipe on home I like because it's as efficient as the navigation bar, but icons on the bottom of the screen are smaller. It would be nice to have gesture mode as efficient as swipe on home. There would be no icons on the bottom of the screen. For now I prefer swipe on home.

    Always on display is very bright in the night. I like the Rog theme but it's so bright it lights up the room when I go to sleep. I have to put the phone face down. It would be nice if the AOD would be darker in the night.

  • Hope a night clock mode is added for the mobile desktop dock.

  • How about VOLTE????????????????

  • Icon packs are working with Asus Launcher. Not all but most.

  • I don't see the option to select Icon Pack, can you share steps or screenshot for the same?

  • Step 1: Go to preferences from homescreen

    Step 2: click on homescreen

    Step 3: Open that icon packs folder (bottom)

    Step 4: that's it,apply your preferred icon pack

  • You can use Asus themestore too

    Every theme is customisable as per your liking.

    You can set different accent Colors for notification window too!

  • Asus stock theme

    Mysterious gentleman theme

  • I don't have that option, I am using Indian version. Which version are you using?

  • what I'd like to see implemented, enhanced:

    -Led front RGB settable in color, and for duration per single app.

    -AOD at present is impractical. Notifications of all the apps and they can be interactive, as well as on Samsung.

    - Better 960fps camera for night mode and slow motion, the hardware can easily manage it. 4k 60fps for both rear cameras.

    -Shortcut for app lock in settings. Using nova and to use it, I have to reopen the stock launcher and change them from there, not pratical.

    - More customizable management. Now I use Fluid Navigation, I find myself better than with those stocks

    -Customization of the icons in the status bar (signal, wifi, bt [maybe with battery level] etc ...)

    - Icons contacts in the address book, in the new ZenUi has been removed, too bad, now the address book is a list of names not very pleasing to the eye.

    - More customization for the lock screen: watch position, size and type.

    -Switch in quick toggles to modify the data sim used.

    That's enough for the moment this smartphone is truly exceptional ?

  • Oh btw I'm on the Zenfone 5z (running android 10 beta)

    Maybe it's implemented in Zen UI 6 based on android 10?

    Maybe try Asus theme store in the meantime

  • What about a feature who asks us how to recharge the phone when a power source is plugged in? ( like just maintain the charge, or charge till x hour, or charge as fast as possible). Because the battery manager thing is pretty fiddely (it would be much simpler to just plug the cord and say till when it is supposed to charge)

    Caméra app needs a rework too (is there any way to use air trigger to....well trigger the picture?) so the volume buttons can properly be used for the zoom. Is there any possibility to go over 9MP in 16:9 ? Because let's be honnest, it is the most used screen format (the 48MP in 4:3 seems a rip off to me ^^)

    I love the Light Luminous Core theme icons, but i like the classic theme menus (especially in dark mode) is there any way to have the best of both world? (without having to compile my own theme)

    I would love to have a notepad app natively

    Is there a way to customise the lockscreen? (modify/remove the clock, hide the status bar,...)

  • You're in ROG forum :). This way work for me. Most icon app from play store will work.

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    I'm using last software: 1910.35. Although phone is locked I have full access to Quick Settings Tiles.

    I think it shouldn't be possible to drag down status bar and RUN any of major security functions, for example turn on/off: airplane mode, WiFi or mobile data!

    It's a bug, right? If not... thieves would be pleased. ?

    Further, 2 things which I miss in ROG phone:

    • customizable LONG PRESS back button; for example: KILL foreground (active) app
    • Always-on Panel SCHEDULE (while I'm sleeping I would like it to be turned off, like in Do not disturb)
  • Another feature which would be cool to have is to bring down the Notification shade on the AriTriggers squeeze options. Asus ROG Phone 2 is obviously a large phone, and it tends to be bit difficult everytime when we try to reach all the way to the top to bring down the Notification shade. But IMO, pairing it up with a short squeeze function would make more sense and make it a lot easier and improves QoL by a huge amount. Hope the devs hear this! :)

  • A small fix for the brightness issue would be using an app like pixel filter or twilight

  • Many bugs plz fix them game lags and freezes many time in rog 2

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    @Anders_ASUS until now my phone can't use Volume down + Power to screenshot.

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    I still cant see icon packs and it's already april 2020. Im on the latest update of A10.

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    Power + Volume Up = Screenshot. Checked!

    Power + Volume Down = Screen recorder?

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