Asus Zenfone 6 Android 10 Bugs *With Screenshots*

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I just updated to Android 10 on my Zenfone 6 about 30min and immediately I noticed a lot of changes and bugs. Here's a list of bugs that I personally found and noticed.

1. Screen used to fade off when turning the screen off in Android 9 but in Android 10, when turning the screen off it is no longer a fade effect. It just turns off immediately really doesn't look that nice compared to how it used to look in Android 9. The screen still has a fade effect when turning the screen on tho, but I guess they took it away for turning the screen off. Idk why they would do this. I personally love the fade effect when turning on and off the screen and I just can't understand why they would keep it for when you turn on the screen but not for when you turn it off. Please let me know if your screen no longer has a fade effect when turning off the screen as well.

2. When you play music from a app such as Poweramp, there is notification that appears on the lock screen which is completely normal. It's there so that you can pause and resume a song. In Android 10 though however, the notification is still there which is cool but, now it completely changes the lock screen wallpaper to the album cover the song you're listening to. I went through and messed with a bunch of settings in Poweramp and my system settings to see if it was an issue I could resolve myself but I just can't find anything that seems to be causing it besides the update for Android 10. I will post some screenshots down below to show what I mean.

3. Camera. I loved this phone's camera. This phone's camera was ABSOLUTELY amazing in Android 9 but I just can't help but noticed the degrade in quality in Android 10. The whole camera seems to be laggy and the quality of pictures and videos seems to have just gone down in general. There are other forums talking about the degrade in camera quality in Android 10 so I know I'm not the only one who's facing this issue.

4. The battery. I feel strongly that the battery life span has gone down since Android 10. Until today, my battery was amazing with Android 9. But now, as I'm writing this post with Android 10, the battery has gone down 8% in 30min. I have no apps running in the background and my battery health is good and I'm the green zone which means I've been charging it correctly and not overdoing it.

That is it for now. I love my phone and baby it a lot so I'm kinda bummed that Android 10 had to bring so many bugs to it. Though, Android 10 is still fairly new so I understand that it is still not perfect. Please let me know if you are facing any of issues that I listed above or something similar. Anything would help. Thanks! - Branden

*Screenshots below are examples for the 2nd problem I listed above about the lock screen wallpaper changing while listening to music.*


  • I don't feel the 2nd feature to be a bug, it's cool actually

  • You might be right! The more I use it the 2nd feature is starting to grow on me ? not so sure about 1 3 and 4 tho...

  • Regarding point 2, this is the native design of Android 10. Other Android phones and Pixels have the same effect. There is no way to turn it off from the system settings But you can try to find out if there is an option in the settings of the music app that you don't want to show album art, maybe you can turn it off here Or turn on the wallpaper carousel function, it wo n’t display when playing music

  • Ahh I see! Now that I've used it for a few hours, it's starting to grow on me and I actually have started to like it. Glad to know that this one isn't an actual issue. Wish I could say the same for 1 3 and 4 :/

  • And in addition to these the phone gets locked, displaying a black screen during calls and the camera is not able to flip after the update. There are lot many bugs that need to be fixed. Hoping it would be taken care soon

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    The way the lock screen will display "album art" on fullscreen is a built-in feature in Android 10.

    Spotify will do the same.

    We didnt modify this behavior - to turn it on or off will be up to each App developer to offer the option.

    As for 1) I believe I answered in a separate thread - I dont think it is a bug but we¨ll bring it to the devs nonetheless.

    3) Camera.. generally I assume this is about Night Mode? Which seem to be where most complaints are. Night Mode will sometimes not take an actual "night mode shot" if it deems the conditions are not right. Also it is more sensitive to motion (even tiny hand motions) , we've tested a fair bit ourselves but so far didnt come to the conclusion that quality is a huge difference - in the instances Night Mode is indeed being used. We've raised this up to our camera team as well.

    As for the other issues, battery, etc, it is really not easy to say - can be apps behaving badly after an update, due to some errors in user data space, some users have reported many things improving if they are updating using the manual full file or resetting their device.

    We will continue to work on improving Android 10 for ZenFone 6, more updates are coming.

  • Alright, once again thank you sm for replying quickly like always! It is very nice to know that you guys are taking our opinions into consideration. The fade out option that the screen had back in Android 9 is something I think definitely should come back. Without it, with all respect it makes the UI or phone feel a little cheap. I am a firm believer that it's the little things like that that make the Zenfone 6 so special and unique. So I hope we'll see it again in the next update :)

    As for the camera, no I don't mean night mode. I mean the camera in normal photo mode and video mode. The whole motion and UI for the camera has become grainy, laggy. Hopefully we will see fixes to this issue soon. The camera and phone experience back in Android 9 was truly the best. Hopefully we can get that feeling again once Android 10 is a little more stable for us Zenfone 6 users. Thank you! - Kindest regards, Branden.

  • For camera related, we do have a separate thread discussing this, I think you are also in that thread - as such let's continue there :)


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