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  • Just brought ROG PHONE 2... It's showing red tint on 0-40% brightness and grainy screen while using fingerprint sensor.... Is it normal with this device or it's just with this device only.... Red tint on grey screen and green grainy tint on white screen while using fingerprint scanner...

  • Forget the tint,Did anyone notice the front camera lag on rog 2 and also the shutter speed ,it is slow as hell,plss help me

  • For the shutter speed, disable the HDR function. It does take a lot of time to proceed. As for

    Yes, it is normal that the display get a different color while using the finger print : there's a kind of flashlight under the screen that illuminate your finger and the whole screen. Nothing to be worried about; simply a light play under the glass.

  • And what about selfie cam lag,there is major lag in the selfie cam,kinda feels like 2 MP camera lag on my old nokia ,but while using snapchat and instagram's built-in camera function the lag is gone,this shows that this is a poor software enhancement by asus in camera department,and even there is lag on the ultrawide lens ,but the main sony imx 48mp sensor works like butter

  • I don't think anyone can just replicate this issue because this may be a defective screen. If the same problem happens on the classic stock android theme then you know it is most likely a bad screen already. I experienced this with the first ROG phone...

    but to confirm this I suggest you enter the test menu and do a display test to see if it really is the screen or the theme.

    Here is what you can do to check

    1) go to the calculator app

    2) type .12345+=

    it will bring you to the test menu, It will then prompt you to enable your location setting if you did not turn it on. (you can skip that if you are not doing any location function test)

    3) go to single test

    4) find the test "Display test"

    5) start the test and see if your screen has that red tint or any vertical or horizontal lines.

    note they will only be noticeable on the grey and white...

    If they are still present then yes you have a bad screen...try to get a one to one exchange for it. If it is only present when you have the theme then you can just blame it on theme for it and be happy your screen is alright.

    Can't be help..sometimes Amoled screens do have this manufacturing defect.

    I may be wrong about this but then again, I sold off my first ROG phone just because of this issue. It is not easily noticeable during day time. Just like the rest of you, It was so obvious when I surf the net using the phone in the dark before going to bed.

    I am blessed to say that my ROG phone 2 does not have this problem.

  • The red tint is only visible if you are on something grey like colour and that too with dark mode theme..

    Its present on all Rog 2 you just can't identify it

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    Sorry but I am not experiencing the same degree of red tint that you are talking about that is quite noticeable to the eye and I have been using dark mode since day one and even for google chrome and for whatever apps I can use them on, in the same 0-50% screen brightness also in a dark room.

    I only experienced this with a ROG phone 1 which was so unbearable to the point that I just sold it off because I could even see under a well lit room and not only a red tint was present but vertical lines present on the screen. The red tint and the lines were also present on the screen even at peak brightness.

    So if this is also present in the test menu then it is a bad screen but if it is not then it is might just be a software thing.

  • Its not that high % and is only noticeable in dark theme + grey background that too with 30% less brightness which doesn't seems bad but looks bad as being an amoled device ( where pure dark truly matters ) compared to my One plus 7T

  • Yea I do agree there is a little % of it in all the ROG phones but for this poor feller, it might just be a really bad screen because I had the exact same problem before...where it was really that bad and it wasn't software but hardware problem.

    But lets just hope they do solve the software side of this issue.

  • Can anyone please do something regarding the sluggish selfie camera ???

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    It's visible in dark mode in the evening, blue light filter off (so colours are not effected), with low screen brightness (the lower the brightness the more pronounced the red colour is) WHEN YOU PULL DOWN NOTIFICATIONS. The background colour of notifications panel has a grey/reddish hue. While notifications/fast settings menu is pulled down you can toggle between refresh rate and follow in real time how the hue of the grey changes. At 60Hz being dark grey, at 90Hz the red hue coming in slightly and at 120 Hz the reddish hue being the most visible. Watching YouTube or doing whatever, the red light effect is not noticeable. It doesn't affect me at all, first of all as in the evening I use the blue light filter anyway. Also it has to be mentioned that I made a comparison with my Note 8. Samsung panels are regarded as best, although Note 8 is an older phone with 30Hz refresh rate only. So I did the same test in the evening. Pulled down notifications/fast settings panel down, reducing brightness, the same effect could be noticed. Only the hue was yellowish. So it's not something specific to Rog 2 panel. In normal operating conditions I see Rog 2 display equal to Samsung in colour reproduction. Where it lacks is the minimal and maximal brightness. Rog 2 in the night at minimal brightness is too bright, and also in bright sunlight much less bright than Samsung. It's a problem for example when I take photos outside with strong sunlight, or at night when AOD is so bright that I have to put the screen facing down to be able to sleep. I guess the brightness level is related to refresh rate and if we want to have a 120Hz refresh rate panel, we have to accept some compromises. Which I am happy to accept, as now, after using 120Hz panel for some time, going back to watch a 30Hz refresh rate screen, the difference is so huge that I don't want to go back.

  • @Anders_ASUS its been a month and you said earlier you will check this red tint issue with your team!! haven't heard from you at all .. what happened ??

  • like I mentioned before I am not having that same % of red tint that you are experiencing. I can see it there but it is not very visible or maybe it is my eye. I try it at 120 Hz and I still don't see it that much. Went to the test menu with the same settings and no there is no tint. So I think this is a software issue and if I am not wrong Note 8 and S8 had the same problem and Samsung did fix it with a software update to manage the colors because some how all Amoled screens have this issue.

    And I just feel for this person who started this thread because that % of red tint and lines on the screen is not normal and I have experienced it before and I know it is defective.

    That is why I tried to stay away from Amoled screens but I like ROG...and decided to try it again...

    I am using dark mode on stock android theme at 90Hz

    yea I am not sure why ROG's adaptive brightness is so bright at night either..compared it to other phones and it is like normal brightness and it has been the same since ROG 1 and I thought it was broken...did the sensor test in the test menu and the sensor is working...but in normal usage...seems like the level of brightness is not accurate at all.

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    My Note 8 is up to date and the yellowish hue is still there. I tested my Rog 2 screen and it's absolutely fine. The red tint is there but as you sad not that pronounced and it doesn't affect regular usage.

  • Sad to say buying a device using AMOLED screen is like a lottery, you can check this reddit post.

    You either get a really good set with less noticeable red tint...and less lines with good grey uniformity. Or you are like this person who got a really bad screen with so much red tint.

    which is why I suggest exchanging it for a new unit. To me a screen that bad is a defect.

  • It's an hardware issue, not a software issue. If it would have been a software issue Asus should have fixed by now, it's already been 5 months since the launch. Also there is no official response from Asus, if this is a software issue and can be fixed, why is Asus hesitating in fixing it or even talking about it.

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    jetjosh92, here is a screenshot of the fast menu background colour where the red tint is present. I would appreciate to hear your opinion on this

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    I am sorry I don’t really see the tint because it is a screenshot and not a photo taken by another camera or a phone under a low light environment. You will definitely notice it using another device or a camera. Sometimes our eyes just won’t be able to pick it up.

    This is the nature of Amoled, so I do agree that every Amoled device will have this, but as one of us mentioned, to what degree and how bad? So it depends on your chances of getting a bad unit or a good unit.

    But I believe Asus can teak the colors for their theme/UI. I am using the stock theme with dark mode. I compared Google’s incognito tab to the Notification drop down and immediately you can tell that Chrome’s incognito tab is way way better than the UI. So I am just thinking they can tweak it.

    For the guy who posted his photos for this thread, I say it is bad screen because it not only has red tint all over and it is more than obvious. That unit also has a grey uniformity issue where you can see the lines on the screen.

    If it is really that bad and affecting you, please exchange it. This isn’t normal…

    Normal is a slight red tint with good grey uniformity…which shouldn’t affect us that much and is not very visible.

    Side track a bit…

     I know many of us had been comparing the ROG phone to other devices like the One+ but if you have owned a one+ device or been on the forums and checking out reviews. You would know that One+ did not start out with 0 issues. They had grey uniformity issues with their screens. One+ did make some changes to their quality control. Go search linus on youtube and watch his visit to One+

    There is one staff placed on every point of the assembly line dedicated to check a part of the device as it goes through assembly, from the screen to other parts of the device. They will reject any screen that fails their test. I am not sure if Asus is doing this but that is where your One+ consistency comes from.

    Oh one last thing, sorry I don’t agree with Asus for saying that it is not a problem because you use your device at 60% or 80% brightness..most of us use your device at night for reading and chatting with our love ones before going to bed and we will definitely not use 60% or 80% brightness in bed in a low light environment and damage our eyes. 

    I wish I still had my Gen One ROG phone to show you guys the comparison between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

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    I got one question...Why did Asus go with that tone of grey? Is it even supposed to be grey? Because if they are trying to match the color with their product line. Sorry to say that the tone of grey chosen isn't working very well with the nature of the Amoled screen...

    If they are going to tweak the colors...please use a different tone of grey to reduce the red tint ?

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