black screen in camera ui

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Hi , did any one have same inter face which was i had in my camera interface

On top black colour or screen is coming


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    Hello !

    Nothing is wrong with the hardware. It's just the anchor of the preview image which is stick to the bottom, the upper margin should be smaller to make it centered !

  • It will look like this if you have the photo capture set to 16:9 9Mp mode

  • Ya right , but camera needs lot of improvement in 1:1 mode

    Why 48mp is not available in 1:1 mode?

    Because it is fully display , camera is to be good in 1:1 mode,

    I previously used vivo v15 pro in that 1:1 mode was excellent,

    Try to improve it

  • What does 1:1 relate to in this instance?

    The photo ratio 1:1 will be a square crop (9MP).

    In our 48MP mode we only offer native ratio, which is 4:3 as this is the sensor ratio (hardware).

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