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so ive had my great phone since september this year an today my zenfone 6 died not sure who to call or contact since last time i had an issue i was told take it to china even though U.S phone from my understanding.... it had 3% battery power on it an i just got a wide angle lens for it an was taking pics an vids .. went home plugged it up... pc didnt see it went settinngs in phone.. wouldnt let me tap on ANY usb setting to charge or to transfer ..... turned it off to charge phone via wall plug.... nothing.... pressed power... nothing..... what do i do now it has ALOT of stuff on it an i dont want to wait 3 month sending it to china for repairs let alone the cost of that


  • couldnt tap any of these wouldnt let me my 5z isnt showing up either an doing same thing wtf is goin on??

  • This is very unfortunate but there's nothing we can do unless you send it for repair. We will probably not be able to save your files. I keep my own phone backed up via both Google Drive and OneDrive because of this reason. I know I sound like captain hindsight but accidents can happen instantly so you should always keep it backed up.

  • Update.... Aftee trying everything i can possible do... Even slapping it a few times in the face..... Power+vol up+smart key got it to vibrate.... (Yeah progress).... Still nothing... So i repeated said process button holding an it vibrated everytime........ After the 15th time the battery charging symbol came on... But only once....... After 5 more times it came on an stayed on so i let it charge to 50% before just hittin power button... Got to zenfone screen... Then nothing.... Did 2x same thing..... Waited till fully charged before trying again..... Same thing zenfone screen then nothing... ..... Did the 3 buttom combo.. An it vibrated an got past zenfone screen an FINALLY TURNED ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 have no 8dea wtf happenes there but i hope it doesnt happen again!... Straight weird! Btw this was before A10 update.... Both my 5z an zf6 dor some reason stoppes requiring me to tap yes on phone acreen to transfer file to pc as well........

    Sidenote... After A10 update.... The camera is 100% working in promode at 32 seconds shutterspeed!!! NO PURPLE TINT!!!! .... HOWEVER.... In a dimly lit area it shows white dots all over the screen... So astrophotography is now pointless.... Sigh Anders_ASUS THANKS THO!!

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    Wow, that's amazing but I hope you have back up everything now? It's highly likely it will behave the same way again and then you need to send it for repair

  • the company on amazon i bought it from ... gave me the address to china at 12 service centers said id HAVE TO TAKE IT THERE so that means id be spending about $100 to send it (fast shipping an taxes) an a little less to get it back.... plus waiting probably a week in either direction if not longer an how ever long it takes to get fixed ( if they find anything... an alot of people say they never do an charge anyway) AND the cost of it getting fixed.. so id be looking at half the cost of the phone bare minimum an maybe just over actual phone price...(screwed either way) in which case i might as well buy another but it will more than likely have same issue as said company i bought from seems to not care about the issue an doesnt look like they would have any looked at an fixed and is main seller of them on amazon.....kinda sucks no service centers are listed here in the U.S an that my phone apparently can be a U.S model or china version depending on who i talk to in customer support lol.... btw @Anders_ASUS thanks for your help an responses with me ... greatly appreciated p.s i dont use gcam it sucks... to me everything looks fake using it.... so if theres a camera update in the future for stock zf 6 let me know as hdr++ is wonky AF right now amongst a few other things lol

  • I can verify your serial number for you and tell you once and for all where your unit has a warranty. I sent you a PM.

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