Twinview only supports 2 games Asphalt 9 and Shadowgun Legends?

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ASUS made Twinview Dock for just 2 games or are more games releasing for it?


  • We're working with more game developers to increase the number of games but you must remember that the main purpose of the twinview dock is not to have dual display games but to be able to game while watching a stream/tutorial or similar.

  • Not to drag up an old post, but reading through some of the posts for the twinview dock, for the price of the attachment it needs to do more than just that. Dual screen phones are out now so there should be an effort to incorporate some of the most wanted features.

  • Will it be compatible with ROG 3 and can we have a onscreen gamepad on bottom screen like LGs twinview case

  • Latest version war games crashes when using twinview 2 dock

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    I was very interested in twin view dock but was somewhat discouraged by critics on it's limited functionality, like absence of possibility to use it in portrait mode. It could be a real productivity engine, as unlike the solution from LG, has incorporated additional battery. What comes to mind immediately is full keyboard on bottom screen and text editor or Excell app on the upper one. Or outlook on one screen and file browser or attachment viewer on another. Even outlook on both screens in portrait mode. Possibilities are endless. Also photo and video editor on both screens at the same time......

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