latency/ping Issue in ROG Phone 2

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I play games on my mobile data, since it is so cheap in India. So it rarely provides me smooth experience over it. For first 10 minutes no issue at all, COD under 65 ms and after that it starts dropping and in about 5 minutes it goes straight to 199 ms and that is highest COD shows. Now before anything else I would like to clear these points,

Network strength is not the issue, I use dual volte and same happen with both of them. I put the sim in my previous phone and no problem at all, i can play continuously for hours... Same speed drops in Wifi too but very less frequent/ rarely i see them so that is not the problem.

And COD is not the only game, Pubg and others too, even HEAD BALL 2..... I contacted customer support, no help at all, same machine generated idiotic msg about factory resetting my device which btw i did it when i encountered the problem first few times. and yes my device is up to date to the latest firmware. no issues there. I don't think i am going to get help on this by asus (since they are asus, it was the risk i took before buying it, well well, It was a bad risk sure , feeling bad now) . SO i decided posting here, maybe some of you know what can be wrong here. and i am mentioning this again no problem with network or network provider, same sim, same bed, different phone perfect game play so no problem there. and i know it is not a game probem either since it happen in other games too and works almost every time on wifi smoothly.


  • Living in Canada, paying too much, I have no problem of ping issue while I'm on my data. Using ROG 2 international

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    I am facing the same issue. I play COD and brawl stars both of them works well in the beginning but after sometime the internet doesn't work even after closing the game and start using any other app the internet is not working.

  • Have u solved this issue?I'm facing the same unless ur data speed is 3mbps and my friend was playing PUBG at the same place with same network carrier but his ping was normal and mine goes ho do we solve this?

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    I am having same issues. I have higher pings and ping spikes every 5-10 seonds and noticed it is due to having simcards in both slots. Both slots of simcards would provide quiet low pings individaully and it happens only when there is simcards in both slots. Can we have a fix for this problem as soon as posssible!

  • Not encountering this myself if the reception is good but then again my country's telco infrastructure is rubbish. Have you tried a network reset? Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset wifi, mobile and Bluetooth.

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