Feature Request- Please provide 6MP pixel binned raw file for front camera for Gcam mod to work

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Hi @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS ,

Is it possible to enable 6mp raw like the 24mp raw for the front camera in future updates as 6mp image is brighter and better under low light and gcam hdr processing could greatly improve the quality of the selfies.


Apurva Bansal


  • @Titan_ASUS please get someone to at least look into this

  • @LP_ASUS Please look into this

  • We have no control over GCam and the app can access what it need to access. Google won't change this and we can't do anything about it as it's not our software

  • @Anders_ASUS I understand that. My original request is that the camera2api hasn't exposed 6 megapixel raw for other apps to use like it has exposed 12 megapixel and 48 both for the back camera. There is only 24 megapixel exposed for the front camera.

    Below text has the resolutions exposed in the file. I just want your developers to expose 2832x2124 raw file for front camera just like 4000x3000 is there for back camera and the modders will make use of it in their gcam versions and would help in better low light selfies

  • @Anders_ASUS I hope you get a notification

  • Like they guy in the sky, I see everything ;)

    I don't believe what you ask for is possible. What puzzles me is that the option is there in the file you sent.

    A pixel binned photograph is an already processed photo. A jpeg, if it really is possible to get it as a RAW file (DNG) then it must have been converted from jpeg to dng which serves no purpose.

    Here are som easy to understand articles about pixel binning

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    The front camera offers both 24mp and 6mp options. I suppose both are jpeg as I don't see the raw+jpeg option like in the main back camera. 6mp option supports HDR modes and effects. As the word suggests, "raw" is only possible in the 24mp format, as this is the designed resolution of the lens, "as it is" output. I guess the 6mp photo uses the binning technology. I guess as the reduced mpx count doesn't necessarily mean binning technology is applied. Anyway results are some of the better I have seen from the selfie cam. Especially I like the 24mp photo, in the same way I prefer 48mp photo from the main back camera, as I am the fan of "natural" photography. I like to see details on the skin as those give character and personality. And this camera gives plenty for a phone camera.

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