[FIXED] Battery stuck at 53% || Power button + Volume(+) button = Soft reboot

sixth_pr1m3sixth_pr1m3 Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Phone started having random reboots 24 hours back. Phone used to reboot very frequently, 4-5 times in 30 mins.

I kept the phone turned off over night and in the morning the phone was dead, it won't even charge.

I somehow manged to turn it on after 30 mins, still had the same reboot issue.

I went to recovery mode and installed the Android 10 stable from SD Card, but didn't fix the issue.

From recovery mode I did factory reset the phone and now phone is working fine without any reboot issue.

Now the issues are:

1) Battery is stuck at 53%, won't change no matter what.

2) If I press Power button + Volume(+) button for a second, the phone does some sort of soft reboot.


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